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1850 mech marines
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Default 1850 mech marines

Disclaimer: I don't have my codex with me right now, so a few things might be off. I have a prett good memory though, so it should be fairly close.

HQ: Captain
Bike, Powersword, Bolt Pistol, Frags, Combat Shield

120 pts


3x 6man HB squad with Razorback extra armor and smoke
Trust Your Battle Brothers

563 pts

2x 10 man plasma squads, Vet Sergeant with Bolter and Powerfist, TYBB, Rhino with Extra armor and Smoke.

426 pts

Fast Attack:
2x 3 man Bike team with Meltabombs and meltagun (not 100% sure I can take meltabombs since I don't have the codex, but I think I can)

230 pts

2x Landspeeder, 1x LST

180 pts

2x Pred Des, HB sponsons, Extra Armour

240 pts

Pred Ann, Lascannon Sponsons, Extra Armour

150 pts

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