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Black Templar Tactics?
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Default Black Templar Tactics?

Ok I'm going up against Black Templars in a few days so I need to know how they work. What is their specialty? How do they deploy? What units do they take usually? How would they fight Tau?

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Default Re: Black Templar Tactics?

They have alot of close combat options opposed to other Space Marine chapters. Keep your distance.
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Default Re: Black Templar Tactics?

The BT's Righteous Zeal can be deadly___as soon as they suffer any casualties (they don't need to lose 25% of their numbers before starting to check for Morale) in the Shooting phase, BTs test for Morale as otherwise normally and if they succeed Consolidates d6" as per a Massacre.
So, if they're on foot, focus most of your firepower upon a single BT squad at the time___otherwise, you'd have lots of Spaces reaching your enemy lines far sooner then you'd like to (if at all).

Apart for this particularity, they've got no vows of any particular use VS Tau (apart maybe for Uphold the Honour of The Emperor once Tau Empire gets out, as it nullifies Pinning tests), so treat them as any other Marines.
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Default Re: Black Templar Tactics?

As a Black Templar player I would suggest you to go Mech Tau.

The reason behind is that BT are a close combat army (specially if they have a chaplain).
They will try to reach your lines as soon as possible and they will be helped by the vow of Honour and their Righteous Zeal. So you need to be mobile to redeploy when they will be too close.

A "weakness" you should exploit is that BT have nothing that can shoot further than 48". Outrange them and finish them with massed fire. >

Also get prepared to face some deep-striking Terminators and assault squads...
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Default Re: Black Templar Tactics?

First Turn, they *might* do some shooting. Then they walk across to board screaming, waving chainswords.

Translation: Kill Rhinos. Kill tanks and mobile firepower. Everything else is no threat as it requires getting into CC, and I play Mech Tau.
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Default Re: Black Templar Tactics?

I collect Tau and Black Templars and i have a few tactics for you.

The BT have a Kill Them All rule were they attack the closest unit in front of them, so put your worst units up front.

Also BT usually have CC weapons so stay far away from them and try to kill as many as possible at long range. They also HAVE TO have a Emperors Champion in their army, and we all know how good they are

If he has CC Terminators like i do....... well i don't know what you can do, just concentrate all your fire power on them.

Finally doen't under estimate scouts as they can infiltrate.

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