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Battleforce needs work
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Old 17 Jan 2006, 21:35   #1 (permalink)
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Default Battleforce needs work

So my Christmas money wisely went towards starting 40k with the standard SMurfs. I managed to get a Battleforce, Rhino, and SM Commander in all. That makes:

1 Command Squad
1 Commander
15 Tactical Marines
1 Razorback

(and 3 more Tactical Marines that I got in the starter painting set)

I'm looking to start construction soon but I don't want to screw up and equip my men poorly. Does anyone have some advice/tips? I could sure use some.
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Default Re: Battleforce needs work

Plasma guns and Missile Launchers will do you well. Lots and lots of bolters.
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Old 18 Jan 2006, 00:31   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Battleforce needs work

I wouldn't give your guys too many bolt pistols b/c chances are that you are not going to get in range of most armies.
The only thing with plasma guns is that they overheat so I would give some guys plasma guns but not too many.
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Old 18 Jan 2006, 00:48   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Battleforce needs work

I recommend that you use the Command Squad as additional Tactical Marines, since you won't need them so early in your army. Save the CS bits for later, when your army is large enough to make use of them.

As for building them, we need to know a bit more information. What kind of Traits are you taking? How do you plan to play? If your just looking for general advice I'd say Missile Launchers in the shooty squads since they kick ass, and Plasma Guns to complement them. If your planning to move the squads a lot, drop the heavy weapon and boost the numbers (if they aren't maxed out already), and consider a Flamer since it could kill a few more, especially when facing a horde army.
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Default Re: Battleforce needs work

First of all, read over the codex and plan out your entire army list (the whole thing, even if you haven't bought some of them). Then you'll know the purpose of your list and what your strategies will be. Maybe post the army list on some sites and let people comment on it, and improve it until you think it's just right. Maybe work on some Bolter Tac Marines (which you will surely need) while you're planning. Once you're done, you know exactly what weapons you want to use, and then you can outfit the correct marines that way.

The command squad actually isn't too useful, but they have cool bitz.

I can't make choices for you at the moment, I'd have to know more specifics about your army. Hopefully you haven't bought anything that your chapter isn't allowed to take.
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Old 18 Jan 2006, 01:24   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Battleforce needs work

Proxy warfare!!!

Silly I know but it'll save time and money in the long run. You really wont know what you want in your army until you get to play with it all at least a little bit... while missile launchers and plasma cannons work for some people you might find that chainswords and bolt pistols are the only things that will do for you.

If that isn't an option... read through the codex a few times, pick over the various weapon rules, get a feel for what you think will appeal to you then build from there. Fortunately Marine's are both very forgiving and very versatile so weapon loadout's wont make or break you, although they will lean your army from one direction to another.
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Default Re: Battleforce needs work

Plasmas are great against Marine armies. Missile launchers give you great flexibility with the choice of Krak Missiles or Frags. Heavy Bolter / Plasma is also a good combo.
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Old 18 Jan 2006, 02:42   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: Battleforce needs work

Oh yes, who you play against is also crucial in determining what your options are going to be. If you plan on playing in tournaments or with people you don't know, you'd be better off with a balanced army list, while if you know who you play against, you should customize your army to best counter them.
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Old 18 Jan 2006, 14:52   #9 (permalink)
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Default Re: Battleforce needs work

Thanks everyone for your tips and advice but there's more to tell.
With the information given to me I think i'll arrange my army like this:

-Space Marine Commander Master (with dual Lightning Claws)

-Command Squad (Apocathary with Nartheclum and Reducter; Srg with Power weapon and Bolt pistol; Veteran with Flamer; Champion with Power weapon, combat sheild and bolt pistol; 2 marines with boltguns; and Standard Bearer with Bolt pistol and Company Standard) to be attatched with Commander and all given the INFILTRATION special rules

-10-man Tactical Squad (Srg with power weapon and bolt pistol; 6 marines with boltguns; 1 marine with flamer; 1 marine with Plasma gun; and 1 marine with Meltagun) all packed into a Rhino (with smoke launchers)

-6-man Tactical Squad (Srg with power weapon and bolt pistol; 3 marines with boltguns; 1 marine with Missle Launcher; and 1 marine with plasma gun) all packed into a Razorback (with smoke launchers)

I haven't calculated the point cost but it will be pretty heavy. However, as soon as I finish painting and testing that beast i'm planning on investing in another Tactical Squad and a Veteran squad as well.

My traits so far are as fallows:
Traits :
See, But Don?t Be Seen
Cleanse And Purify
Major Drawback:
Eye To Eye
Minor Drawback:
Die Standing

One of my brothers has a weak and small Tyranid force comparable to mine with a decent mix between gaunts and Genestealers with warriors as elites and HQ. My other brother has another small Ultramarines army consisting of mostly basic infantry and nothing else so far (it's illegal to play right now).
My neighbor has a 3,000 pt Iron something Chaos force that is undefeated and HIS little brother has a mobile Tau army that is very effecient.

That basically leaves no side for me to lean to as all those enemies exploit different weaknesses. That is for later though. Right now i'm just worried about building a decent base for my company.
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Default Re: Battleforce needs work

Erm, you can only have TWO traits. Read the rules in that section again will you?
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