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Default Techmarines

This is a tactica on Techmarines; these oft overlooked Red armoured warriors who are so often misunderstood by their battle brothers.

The techmarine is a very versatile choice for a space marine army. However taking one in army with 2 HQ choices in a game of less 1500 points or less is probably unwise.

There are several different ways to use techmarines.

1) As a devastator substitute:

If you love heavy weapons this is the option for you. By taking a techmarine accompanied by a squad of gun-servitors you have a functional heavy weapon unit that can put out a nice amount of firepower. The best option for this unit is heavy bolters. It is usually worth it to add in the plasma cannon, even though itís a bit more expensive when its combined with the Techmarines signum it becomes very reliable. It will hit 8/9 times and will rarely overheat.

The problem with this squad is its relative vulnerability, compared to devastators. By deploying this squad away from the enemy and in cover you can help ensure that they live a little longer.

Another alternative is to deploy the squad at the front of your army. Position it so it can see some high priority enemy targets and hope for the first turn. You should be able to get 1 or 2 turns worth of shooting with this squad before the servitors are gunned down, possibly even more if there's more dangerous shooty units in your army. Once his servitors are gone send the techmarine forward to join in any combats and he can do a lot of damage.

One final note on this shooty squad, if you are facing an opponent with lots of infiltrators this squad is great because the techmarine comes with an auspex and has some truly fearsome firepower.
Place the squad were it has unobstructed line of in every direction out to at least 19" and you can deny your opponent a spot for his infiltrators. While actually rolling 19+ on 4D6 is unlikely, itís still possible and if your opponent puts infiltrators down within this range he knows he's taking a risk.

2) The "Replacement Sergeant"

Rather than taking a veteran sergeant for a space marine squad that you intend to get into combat give them a techmarine instead. It doesn't matter if the squad is a veteran squad; command squad or even a terminator squad riding in a land raider crusader the techmarine will really help them out.

Equip at least one model in the squad with a melta gun and give the techmarine a servo harness, bolt pistol and frag grenades. If you have the points to spare giving the techmarine either a combat shield or terminator honours is not a bad idea.

This is one squad the enemy doesn't want assaulting them now. Even if its just a regular tactical squad, before they charge they'll fire 1 twin-linked plasma pistol shot, a flamer and a melta gun that can re roll its missed attack (once again thanks to the techmarines signum).

Once in combat the techmarine can really start putting the hurt on with 3 power weapon attacks (bolt pistol) and two power fist attacks (servo harness), and an extra power weapon attack on the charge he can mess up enemy infantry really well.
However since the Techmarine is an independent character he can be targeted by an opposing squad so it is best to keep him away from enemy commanders, be they veteran sergeants or HQ's who generally have power weapons which slice through his shiny 2+ save.

In a terminator squad...

A terminator squad in a land raider crusader can also benefit from a techmarine, simply use him the same way you'd use him in a tactical squad. However instead of using his signum to re-roll a missed melta gun shot you can use it re-roll a cyclone missile or assault cannon shot.

3) The Handyman

Here's the role people most often think of when they think of Techmarines, that of repairing vehicles. This is a difficult job for the techmarine to do properly as he needs to be in base contact with the model he wants to repair at the beginning of his turn. I think the most efficient way to this is to take a techmarine with 2 technical servitors and that lovely servo harness. This means that you now have a powerful fighter on your back lines that can repair broken vehicles on a re-rollable 4+, not bad.

But what vehicles can he keep up with? Well there are a couple options here.

He could hang back and stand beside a whirlwind (or even stand sandwiched between two whirlwind tanks if you have two of them). That way if the enemy gets some deep strikers or infiltrators behind your lines and manages to destroy your whirlwinds weapons you can fix them and teach the offenders a lesson...
This is a dubious use of the techmarine at best as its is rather expensive and most things that are going to hurt your whirlwinds are going to simply destroy them outright so I would advise against this.

The next option however is far more feasible.

Take either a predator with heavy bolter sponsons, or a dreadnought and place the techmarine and his cyborg friends directly behind it. This way they're safe from any enemy weapons since the tank or dread block line of sight and they advance at the same speed (assuming that you keep the tank move forward only 6" a turn so it can use its guns).

Now if the tank or dread take a damaged result the techmarine can immediately repair it at the beginning of your turn. It will slow down the vehicle and marine for one turn since they can't move the turn they're repaired, but it doesn't stop them from shooting or in the case of the dreadnought assaulting.

This can really frustrate opponents, especially if you keep your vehicles obscured since unless they can destroy it outright your tank/dread will be really durable.

As an added bonus this can be a great way to get a dreadnought into close combat relatively intact, and if the dread and the techmarine charge the same unit they've got a great chance of breaking it.
On the charge the they'll deliver a lot of firepower before they even get into combat and once stuck in the techmarine will have 5 or 6 attacks (bolt pistol) the dread will have 3, and even your technical servitors can try to do some damage. Add in that the dread counts as 10 models and you have one unhappy enemy unit.

I hope this little article encourages people to take techmarines. They're an awesome and unique space marine unit, and as an added bonus they look super cool on the battlefield and have an almost endless scope of conversion possibility.
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