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Looking for advice concerning this battle.
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Default Looking for advice concerning this battle.

I took my Gue'vesa against my brothers Smurfs once again, and the short end of the long meant after I destroyed the main part of his army, he hit dead on with a deep strike of 10 assault marines + chaplain, 6" behind my Gue'vesa Commando Fanatics (known to Tau players as 'Kroot&#39 and shot with bolt pistols, causing them to bolt (pun intended) almost towards them. Now that it was my turn, I quickly pulled all of my weaponry to bear, slapping a Rail'ead pie plate on the center one, hitting all of them, rapid firing with 13 Commando Fanatics, 7 Gue'vesa Fire Caste, a Devil Fish, my Helios Shas'el, and the Drone Squad that just landed from a deep strike.

Not a good day for the assault squad.

Anyways, uttering the words, "Tau are cheese." I invited him to use my army while I used his (allowing that we could both make minor changes).

notes: 700 pts, 3x5 board, Cleanse, but 6 quarters.

My (now his) army now consisted of:
Helios Shas'el plus 2 sheild drones.
Fireknife Crisis --- Replaced the Drone Squad
10 Fire Caste + Devilfish
17 Commando Fanatics
Rail'ead with Burst cannons

His (now my) army consisted of:
Caplian (the cheaper one, Jetpack, bolt pistol, Terminator honors) + 10 assault marines
x2 5 man Tac Squad (split his 10 man vanilla squad and gave one a Heavy Bolter, the other a Missle Launcher)
Vernerable Dreadnought (origionally had Assault cannon and CC weapon, now had TL Lascannon, CC weapon, and a Drop pod)
---Dropped his Scout Bikers.

The short end of the long was the submunitions were brutal, loosing avg. 2 marines each time. Rocket Launcher glanced the devilfish into stunnedness, while heavy bolter took out troops, the droppod landed in turn three and the Dread's Lascannon stunned the Rail'ead, while the Shas'el was caught by the Assault squad (albeit, numbering 6 with the chaplain). It was looking pretty good turn 4, but then it all went downhill. The rocket and heavy bolter failed to do anything to the above said devilfish, the TL lascannon couldn't hit the 'ead (only 8 inches away), and the Shas'el (currently with one wound left) deflected all 5 of the chaplains attacks, plus those of the other 5 Assault marines. Then it killed one of the assault marines.

I blame the fact that the Shas'el is better painted.

Brothers turn, Railgun meets Dreadnought, Penatrating hit rolls a five...but wait!!! Vernerable reroll ;D. Rolls a 6 >. Gue'vesa Commando Fanatics get in line to charge on turn 6, and we call it a night, seeing that there is one squad (one of the tac squads) still above half strength, there is no possible way to win a Cleanse against 4 other squads in one more turn. And it's 11:30 PM.

On a lighter note, I did much better than he did with his army (he only killed 3 Fire caste Guevesa).

Any suggestions. For either of us?
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Default Re: Looking for advice concerning this battle.

Don't deepstrike into stupid places.* I don't think the Chaplain could even deepstrike with the assault troops in the first place to be honest, because it's not a command squad, it's a squad he's attached to.* I dunno about that one...seems to make sense that he should be able to but I don't know what the official ruling is.

Terminators aren't disadvantaged much by deepstriking because they can hammer out fearsome amounts of firepower the moment the materialize, especially if you forgo heavy flamers in favour of assault cannons (the tank hunter special rule is esspecially useful if you wish to dispose of enemy vehicles in this manner; teleporting behind them to attack their rear armour).* But assault troops are severly hampered by their inability to move upon landing (they also can't withstand the backlash of enemy fire that Terminators can).* Assault troops have pitiful firepower upon landing...unless you're in flamer range (8 bolt pistols is kinda like throwing rocks)...plus they can't assault and they're all bunched up in a tight group waiting to be blasted with submunition. As a rule, in a game this small, I wouldn't bother deepstriking at all...stay spread out in open ground and use cover wherever it's available. Most people seem to forget you can spread out to a max of 2" between models, use this to your advantage. That big Railgun pie-plate isn't gonna kill quite so many if you spread out.

Dreadnaughts are more or less impervious to small arms fire (on the front and side armour) but far from impervious against Railgun death.* Stay in cover (not in an infantry fashion - ie. cover saves).* You're looking to block line of sight between your dreadnaught and things that can kill it, while simultaneously causing mayhem with enemy infantry.* Assault with your dreadnaught wherever possible.
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When all was finished, the battlefield was a smoking crater. UDC, Valoran, US Army, Tau, the Nazis, a random pirate ship, and a bunch of ninjas, all were enemies to the Vulture. All were turned into scrap metal. Or plastic. Depends which game system you play.
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