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1500pts Blood Angels
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Kroot Shaper
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Default 1500pts Blood Angels

Trying to make an effective tournament list with my red and black guys. I tried most of this list on monday and it did very well. The problem is i know exactly what i want from 1252pts of it but im not sure what i want in the rest. Ive decided i dont want speeders in squadrons so no more fast attack or heavy support or HQ as they're full already. So that leaves troops and elites free. Ive tried terminators with ass. cannons before but i don't really like using them that much as i feel i need more numbers in my army. So how about a drop podding tac squad? Anyway make your own minds up and tell me what you think please.

What i have in my mind at the moment:

Reclusiarch with jump pack, bolt pistol and frags leading the death company - 217

Epistolary with jump pack, frags, ccw, fear and fury - 151

2 Tac squads - 6 marines each with lascannon and vet sergeant - 120

Tac squad - 10 marines with meltagun/flamer/plasma gun with vet serg with power fist (plasma pistol??) - 230

Speedersiekriegen - 3 tornados in seperate squadrons - 240

Predatorsiekriegen - 3 Annihilators with heavy bolter sponsons, extra armour and smokes - 138 each.

1492pts at the moment.

Im not sure on the composition of the drop pod at the moment. I can't take two special weapons hence i think i might want a plasma pistol in there to complement the firepower. Is a flamer better than a plasma though for drop podding? Might be. I could take a combi-flamer in there as well on the serg though i lose a powerfist attack... Any drop pod insight will be welcomed...

The basic idea is to have an armoured wedge of the predators on one flank and have the tornados zipping up the other flank in gamma. In omega, i'll probably aim to flank with both sets of armour.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: 1500pts Blood Angels

well... drop 2 predators for an assalt squad vet serg ,flamers the liberian (spelling i know) for
a sanguairy high priest with jump pack dorp 1 of the tornados make the other ones the multi metla
H flamer ones and put in a dred in a drop pod assalt h flamer. put the high priest with the assalt squad
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