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My Salamander Army (<500 pt, List>)
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Old 10 Jan 2006, 20:20   #1 (permalink)
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Default My Salamander Army (<500 pt, List>)

Alright, &#39;tis is my army, mainly for having fun with my mates, and painting.

Captain Na&#39;Ook
-Bolt Pistol
-Power Weapon
-Terminator honours
-Frag Grenades
-Krak Grenades



Tactical squad

-Terminator Honours
-Power Fist
-Bolt Pistol
-Frag Grenades

-Marine with Heavy Bolter
-x5 Marines with Bolters
All with frag grenades.


Scout Squad

-Power Weapon
-Bolt Pistol
-Terminator Honours
-Frag Grenades

-x2 Scouts with Shotguns
-x2 Scouts with Bolt Pistol and Close Combat Weapon

All with Frag Grenades


Fast Attack

Assault Squad

- Power Fist
- Storm Shield
- Terminator Honours
-Frag Grenades

- x1 Marine with Plasma Pistol and Close Combat Weapon
- x4 Marines with Bolt Pistol and Close Combat Weapon

All with Frag Grenades


[size=14pt]Total: 496[/size]

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Default Re: My Salamander Army (<500 pt, List>)

looks like a decent basis, but I have a few humble suggestions:

swap the chaplain&#39;s terminator honours for a jump pack so he can ride with the assault squad

try going for even-sized squads (6 in this list)
that tac sgt hopefully won&#39;t need his fist, and if you&#39;re firing the heavy bolter you probably won&#39;t use it much. swapping the sgt for a normal marine with a plasma gun might work. or swap the heavy bolter for a plasma gun to make the squad more mobile. or swap both for plasma guns.

shotguns suck. bp&ccw all round. I never give vet sgts power weapons- always fists.

the assault sgt definitely shouldn&#39;t have a storm shield. if you only make one change I suggest, swap the storm shield for a pistol. you&#39;re denying him an extra powerfist attack in order to get an inv save you won&#39;t use.

swap the plasma pistol for a flamer- it won&#39;t kill a valuable marine, and will kill a lot more of the enemy.
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Default Re: My Salamander Army (<500 pt, List>)

Scrap the Sgts power fist and the others power weapon. These points can be freed up. Thats 25pts. Downgrade the storm sheild in the assalt squad to a combat sheild, not as effective but saves you 5pts and also allows the assalt Sgt to get his extra attack whilst still being protected from anything nasty.

Use these free 30pts to buy either your chaplains jump pack or as Captain Whizz said buy more marines. 2 more marines make all the difference. I play Salamanders myslef and the more bolters the better i find lol.

Any ideas for a bigger army then?
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Default Re: My Salamander Army (<500 pt, List>)

Cool looking army, salmanders are good fun.

I agree about the Heavy bolter assessment, either make the vetran seargent into a plasma gun marine, or make the heavy bolter a plasma gun.
A squad with a pair of plasma guns or melta guns can be quite nasty so you could do that.

For the assault squad I agree make the storm shield a combat shield then with the five points this frees up make the powerfist a thunderhammer because if you&#39;re playing Salamanders its perfect. Hammers are a big part of their imagrey so you want at least one of your marines swinging a thunder hammer around.

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