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Re: Against space marines
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Default Re: Against space marines

Originally Posted by Tripod the 5
well, a friend of mine has a space marine army with:
2 tactical squads (1 member of each squad with a flamer and another with a rocket launcher)
1 librarian
1 assault squad(only close quarter fighting)
1 standart land speeder
1 predator annihilator

I have
HQ:chaos lord(with black sword, plasma pistol, daemon fire, spiky bits and daemon strength)
1 squad(1aspiring champion with power fist, 2 with plasma pistols and close combat weapons, and 5 with bolt pistols and close combat weapons) they all have furious charge.
1squad(1aspiring champion with power fist, 2 with plasma guns and close combat weapons and 5 with bolt pistols and close combat weapons)they all have furious charge
1 squad(aspiring champion with power sword, 5 members with bolters and close combat weapons, 1 with plasma gun and the last with a heavy bolter)
Heavy support:
1 dreadnought(plasma cannon or autocannon, power fist, dirge caster and havoc launcher)
1 land raider(extra-armor and with a mounted combibolter)

My tactic is to use my land raider and dreadnought as a shield for my troops as he dos not have anything that powerfull and when I get to assault his army, it'll be butt kicking time.
So, any opinions?
I'm new here...I'm "the" friend.He didn't describe my army as it is...here is the list of my army (it's still growing and changing):
-Veteran squad
-Tactical squad 1 -10 marines-1 with flamer;1 with rocket launcher; seargent with chainsword and bolt pistol;others with regular boltgun
-Tactical squad 2 -10 marines-1 with flamer;1 with rocket launcher; seargent with chainsword and bolt pistol;others with regular boltgun
-Assault squad (I'm not sure what weapons to use yet)
-predator annihilator
-land speeder equipped with heavy bolter

As I said,my army is still growing.Me and Tripod the 5th are sort of neighbors...we don't know how to play decently yet.So yes! we ARE total noobs.


Originally Posted by MalVeauX
Edited out question and email address asking for illegal copyrighted information.
Do not ask for PDF versions of the Rulebooks or Codices.

This is highly against the rules. Which you may read here: Forum Rules.
Starting out here at TauOnline, I welcome you, but I strongly
encourage you to read the rules. Doing little things wrong is one thing
but breaking a serious rule, is not something to take lightly.

Asking for illegal copyrighted information puts the website
at risk. It's illegal and against GW's IP policies as well as
TauOnline's hosting service terms.

This is the only warning you will receive for this infracture.

So in short, read the rules and read all posting guidelines very



Anyone has any good advice for "what can I add to my army?"? I was thinking maybe a whirlwind or some scouts...I'm not sure yet...I don't know the model's rules for sure yet because i don't know which sub-class to use... I already chose the colours but as i heard,i can use the rules of any subclass,as long as for example,i don't use marneus calgar while using black Templar's rules for instance...

Thanks all

PS--I know I probably should post this into space marines section but i want tripod to see this email...
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Default Re: Against space marines

I'm sorry for correcting but as I replied on the chaos section (that somehow ended up in space marines section), I requested for the rules updates,and not the hole rules book or codex as you probably think i did .The rules update can be downloaded legally from warhammer official website (portuguese part),but I cant find the dark angel codex update,i can only find space marines...I talked to the portuguese games workshop distributor and he said I could download the updates from the rules book,because I only have an old version. I don't wan't to be miss-understood here ok?

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