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Default CHARGE!

marines are great but sometimes they have downfalls well anyway my marines are expensive like most marine chapters but i thought of making my army more stealthy like scouts razor backs snipers and little little squads of marines but its not enough if could help me with more choices it would be very appreciated
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Default Re: CHARGE!

one useful choice would be punctuation...you can choose to use it to make your posts comprehensible, or you can garner the wrath of those around you and a lack of useful replies by failing to use this

so please, use a little punctuation in there, to stop your question from getting lost in the midst of the rambling used to introduce the post. its honestly really helpful for those of us trying to work out exactly what you're saying (especially those of us that are on the verge of exhaustion)
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Default Re: CHARGE!

calm down dude,
brood_lord theres was a scout army list in a recent WD,
it goes thorugh tactis etc try that

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Default Re: CHARGE!

Also if you want a combat army I recommend the trait Take the Fight to Them. Any marine who isn't armed with a special/heavy weapon can exchange their bolter for bolt pistol/cc weapon for free.
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