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Default eziekel?

Hey i am considering starting a dark angels army and i was wondering if it is possible to take eziekel instead of a librarian? I don't know much on space marines only ever played against em so i dunno how it works with taking librarians etc. Any help would be fantastic (sorry if this is a stupid question)
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Default Re: eziekel?

You can use the model to represent a normal librarian if you like. Ezekiel can only be used in armies of 1500 points or more and as a special character needs permission unless Im much mistaken on that. Some characters dont but I dont think he is one of them.

Using special characters as your commander is in my experience not a good idea, some are very good but on a whole I find that it is far better to use a normal commander (captain/master, chaplain or librarian) and add a secondary commander latter which may or may not be a special character. From my past experiences I tend to see special characters as a bit of a rogue element that may or may not work well and are usually suited to one thing in particular and if they cannot do it they are out of luck. I would advise starting with a good solid standard HQ choice and then adding something like Ezekiel.

That is just what I know on the subject though I do not have much experience with the dark angels so take this with a grain of salt. I hope it helps some.

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