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Crimson Eagles legion- 1000pts.
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Default Crimson Eagles legion- 1000pts.

I am using the blood raven chapter traits but am making my own army called the crimson eagles. Heres the list:

Commander: 90
-plasma pistol
-pwr. weapon

Assault enemy commanders or specail characters in addition to any medium to large units- war walkers, dreads, sentenials etc.

Terminator Squad Aurelius (5): 220
-assault cannon

Close range DEATH move tear apart the unit with stormbolters and assault cannon and then assault and hope for massacre or at least finish them off

Tactical Squad Cassius (10) : 211
vet. sargent Cassius- honors- pwr. weapon

Infiltrate into about 18 inches of an enemy squad then rapid fire with every thing ive got and if assaulted hope for cassius to pull through it with his pwr weapon

Tactical Squad Valentinius (10) : 220
vet. sargent Velentinius- honors- pwr fist

Infiltrate in to about 18 inches of a tank or walker move blast with the melta gun and assault with the pwr fist or... rapid fire into troops

Devestator Squad Seneca (5) : 130
-2x missle launchers

Blow apart tanks and vehicles then montrous creaturs etc.

Devestator Suad Octavius (5) : 120
-2x Heavy Bolter

Closer range heavy fire support, back up for tactical squad Cassius

The overall tactic is that of blood ravens, get close hit the enemy with all the firepower ive got then try to finish off the enemy (or whats left of it) in close combat!

Please tear it apart (show no mercy )

Hope you enjoy

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Default Re: Crimson Eagles legion- 1000pts.


Interesting list, but I have a few suggestions for changes:

1) Everything seems to be infiltrating (or deep-striking Termies I assume?) except the Commander. I kinda see him as a waste of points with these tactics, as he will be footslogging for at least 2-3 turns before he is of any use, while the rest of your army is busy. I would recommend either replacing him with a Chaplain with jumppack, or giving him a command squad with Rhino. Also - if you are planning on using a commander to hunt down dreadnaughts, sentinels etc.. a power fist is vital. Storm Shield wouldnt go amiss either.

2) I'm not sure if Terminators will really be that much use with these tactics and in this size of a force? They are expensive for few models, these 5 guys are taking up nearly 1/4 of your army's points - one stray ordnance template or a few lucky plasma shots could really ruin these guys day. I would recommend getting rid of these guys and spending the points on beefing out a command squad, your tactical squads, or on a couple of landspeeder tornados. 2 of these beauties = 6 heavy bolter shots + 8 rending assault cannon shots, on mobile vehicles that can move 12" and still shoot - perfect for an assaulty army like this - for much less points than those 5 terminators. You can't go wrong with 'speeders .

3) Tactical Squads too big in my opinion, and not enough of 'em. More of less = good. Instead of 2 groups of 10, have 3 groups of 7 or something. Makes your force more versatile. If a single one of these squads gets tied up for 3 turns by a couple of ripper swarms, its less of an annoyance than if your full 10-man squad were. I like the flamer (auto-hit template just before you charge for 6 points? Insane if you don't take it!) and the meltagun (I like the smell of fried plague marine right before charging).

4) I like the devastator squads. Not too expensive, the missile launchers give you some nice anti-armour capabilities, whereas the heavy bolters supply the dakka you need to kill off hordes. More dakka = good . I don't know about the inflitrate though... The only weapon combo I've found that really justifies infiltration is multi-meltas, but then again, it gives you some extra choice as to where you want to deploy the squads. Just think though, if you got rid of the infiltration on both squads, you have enough spare points to grab an extra missile launcher and heavy bolter.

Anyway, enough from me, I hope this helps. Good luck with the army!
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Default Re: Crimson Eagles legion- 1000pts.

A lascannon instead of a missile launcher would help.

Apart from that it seems really good.

cyaz, dragon warrior
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