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Mortifactors army
Closed Thread
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Default Mortifactors army


I was wondering: Does anyone play a Mortifactors marine army here? If you do then could you give me some tips on collecting and painting them please?


PS: If you do not know who the Mortifactors are then please do not post. Thank you.
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Default Re: Mortifactors army

I've just started painting my own Mortifactors force (inspired by WD317). At the moment I'm just painting up standard Tactical Marines to fill out the basic army requirements. So to am looking for any useful tip bits of information about this Chapter.

Other than they are dark skinned with dreadlocks, like to eat each other and take skulls as trophies!

The funny thing is the GW seams to have ignored the basic problem of living on a night world and make people from Posul (Mortifactors Homeworld) and Nocturne (Salamanders Homeworld) dark skinned despire that fact that if they live in the dark their skinns would loose pigment and become very pale!

Basically I'm working on the lines of Voodoo Priests in power armour as a concept, but I'm painting all the decals on the armour freehand rather than using transfers or ordering lots of shoulder pads from GW (yet).

Can anyone suggest suitable traits for these guys?
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Default Re: Mortifactors army

Since they live on a dark world the trait that gives them access to "Accute Senses" would make sense.

That trait is See But Don't Be Seen. Also fitting if they're somewhat stealthy.

One cool suggestion for a mortificators chapter might be to have it joined by a deathwatch Kill Team led by Artemis. It'd be fun to convert him down to 28mm scale.

They sound pretty vicious in close combat so some assault marines might not go amiss.
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Default Re: Mortifactors army

Been thinking about Artemis... he is a Mortifactor, but doesn't really match the description of black with dreadlocks though. Wonder what his story is?

A deathwatch squad would be cool anyway and useful for Ordo Xenos when I get round to putting that army together as well.
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