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Command squad- to be or not to be
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Default Command squad- to be or not to be

in a 1000 pt list, traits- TYBB and see but dont be seen is it of any worth to take a command squad???
my list is posted a while back (crimson scythes) i would really like to know any configurations you would suggest (reading the army list would help so i can copy it over if you would like)
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Default Re: Command squad- to be or not to be

An Infiltrating army has the problem of getting the Commander into close to the rest of the army - he can't infiltrate solo, he can't deepstrike without a very large point investment, and he slows down a squad he joins (they can't sneak in with him).

My solution was to make the Commander a Terminator and give him a minimized (4-man) Terminator Command Squad - you can Deepstrike in any situation, and get in close to your buddies.

The other way of doing things is with a basic squad - 5 Marines, Infiltrate and TYBB, maybie an Apothecary for casualties in a small squad and a Champion to add assault power - don't dish points into hugely tooled-out squads in the low points games.
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Default Re: Command squad- to be or not to be

Command Squads are great if you just think of them as a tactical squad with a few more upgrade options.
If your army's infiltrating anyway, stick your IC in a command squad, give them all TYBB and infiltrate, a vet sgt with bp & pf, 2 plasma guns, and an apothecary. very evil, and only the apothecary makes it cost more than a normal tac squad.
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