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1500 DIY Marine Army
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Kroot Warrior
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Default 1500 DIY Marine Army

Chapter/Legion Name: The Black Dragons
Primarch: None
Homeworld and Location: Unknown
Specialisation: Jump Infantry, Close Combat
Imagery: Draconic, claws and scales

The Black Dragon Ossmodula zygote functions in an abnormal way. During the process of the transformation to become a Space Marine some of the Black Dragon initiates grow bony crests on their heads and blade like extensions from their arms. Such warriors are formed into a seperate fighting group encasing their protrusions in adamantium to turn them into effective and deadly close combat weapons. The Inquisition barely tolerates this and there is some speculation that the Black Dragon Apothecaries encourage such growths for the value they have in combat. The Adeptus Mechanicus of Mars cannot find fault in the Black Dragon gene seed and suspects trickery. They would dearly like to investigate the medical practices of the Black Dragons.


Take the fight to them
Blessed be the Warriors
Major Disadvantage
Aspire to Glory


Commander Master Stoorworm 168pts

Artificer Armour
Power Weapon
Plasma Pistol
Terminator Honours
Jump Pack
Furious Charge


Dreadnaught Brother Nithhogr 140 pts
Extra Armour
Twin-Linked Lascannon
Missile Launcher

Assault Squad Dragons Teeth 260 pts
9 Space Marines
Furious Charge
Plasma Pistols
Terminator Honours
Power Weapon

Assault Squad Dragons Claw 275 pts
10 Space Marines
Furious Charge
Terminator Honours
Power Weapon


Tactical Squad Dragons 166 pts
6 Space Marines
Close Combat Weapons
Extra Armour
Smoke Launcher

Tactical Squad Dragon Tail 231 pts
10 Space Marines
Close Combat Weapons
Terminator Honours
Power Weapon
Extra Armour
Smoke Launchers

Scout Squad Dragons Eyes 85 pts
5 Space Marine Scouts
4 Sniper Rifles

Heavy Support

Devastator Squad Dragons Breath 175 pts
5 Space Marines
2 Plasma Cannons
2 Heavy Bolters

I want to know what people think. I'm thinking about getting rid of the dreadnaught as i took the disadvantage that disallows more than 1 dreadnaught or terminator im the army and the army is pretty quick in itself. However apart from the plasma guns its pretty much the only armour piercing model i have. I will be facing a bit of chaos space marines while i get back into it with my mate who is collecting chaos but i am also gearing it towards tournament play.

I chose to do an army like this because i like the black templars close combat approach but disliked when i used to play and went to a tournament only to be the 4th templar player in the tournament. When i read the new codex i came across the traits and decided to do my own army and not go down the templar path.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: 1500 DIY Marine Army

Looks like an SM Assault army to me. Did you try Blood Angels? If you wanted to go assault and don't like Templars, Codex:BA rocks.

If the army is built to fight chaos, remember chaos can take Dreadnoughts and large demons. Killing these needs more than 4 heavy weapons (heavy bolt gun does not count) and needs Str 6 in assault. I'm not seeing any melee weapon that can actually wound a dreadnought. You really don't want an assault army that can't assault things.

My recommendation if you plan on keeping this theme. Junk the heavy bolters. Get lascannon/missiles instead. You have assault troops to deal with hordes. Add heavy weapons to the tactical squads. It's only 10 points for a missile launcher. Get a force weapon or some power fists. Really though, in my opinion, you need Blood Angels or Templars to make this work reliably against all opposition; for this reason I don't think its worth thinking too much about this. Maybe allies could help ... demonhunters or something.

OTOH f you can post what figures you have, we can help to make an army USING THE MINIS YOU OWN which would be much better than fixing the list to something you cant make.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: 1500 DIY Marine Army

The reason i chose to make my own marines is because i don't like knowing that if i go to a tournament there will be another army of the same chapter there and that will happen with black templars and may happen with blood angels.

like i said i used to be in it so here's the models i have

1 Space Marine Land Raider Crusader (Hurricane Bolters messed up)
1 Space Marine Rhino (missing stormbolter gunner and stormbolter)
2 Landspeeders (Muti-Melta, Heavy Bolter)
1 Space Marine Dreadnaught (Assault Cannon, Power Fist, Storm Bolter, Metal)
3 Space Marine Scout Bikes
2 Space Marine Sergent
5 Space Marine Bikes
11 Space Marine Scouts (Close Combat Equipped)
9 Space Marines (3 Missile Launchers, Heavy Bolter, Lascannon, 2 Melta guns, Plasma Cannon)
1 Special Dark Angles Character Azikial (Used as Emperorís Champion for Black Templars)
1 Space Marine Techmarine (with all attachments)
1 Space Marine Army Standard Bearer
1 Space Marine Apocothary
1 Commander
1 Chaplain
1 Space Marine Librarian (Terminator Armour)
4 Space Marine Scouts (Sniper Rifle)
17 Space Marines (Close Combat Equipped)
22 Space Marines (Bolters)
6 Space Marine terminators( Power Sword, Assault Cannon, Heavy Flamer)
10 Assault Marines ( Power Fist, 2 Plasma Pistols)

I found out about the paint stripping because originally me and my friend were goign to spend 150 a month and collect from there but now i can strip the paint off the models this will save a fair amount of money.
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Default Re: 1500 DIY Marine Army

why not use the Black Dragons rules from the Chapter Approved article on the Cursed Founding?
as long as you don't try to use traits as well, most gamers shouldn't have a problem
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