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Fallen with SM rules
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Default Fallen with SM rules

Through the past months, I have converted my entire Dark Angels army into Fallen. Adding chaos wargear and weaponry to my models. The thought behind this is that I have been fascinated by both SM and CSM. And with Fallen, I can use both codexes for one army. But I also have an increasing fascination to scouts, and the GW homepages on convertion tips for Black Templars neophytes gave me great ideas to convert the new plastic scouts into more "radical" looking scouts.
The point of this is that I have problems with finding suitable arms for my new convertions.
I will use the legs if Empire Footmen, and the torso I will take from my many leftovers from SM sprues. But suitable arms is my problem because I cannot afford the plastic scouts at the moment. The prices are insane.(329 NOK = ca 41 Euros).
Does anyone have any thoughts?
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Default Re: Fallen with SM rules

Maybe you could use SM arms w/o the shoulder pads...

Chaos Maraurder arms...

What my friend did was buy a combat squad witht the catachan guard set, and made some pretty cool scouts. Some of them dont look exactly right, but then again do the new scouts? I do of course realise that this might be more expensive then just buying plastic scouts... but you can make 15 or something scouts
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