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missile mix with flamer
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Kroot Warrior
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Default missile mix with flamer

why does everyone say that missile launchers mixed with flamers is no good ??? ??? ???

you get long range and short range weapons.

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Default Re: missile mix with flamer

Well, simple because most people tend to base a squad around a certain, task, such as long range elimination, or close range shooting. (such as salamanders, who would take Meltaguns and Flamers)
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Default Re: missile mix with flamer

Yeah, you are trying to do too much with the squad.

Remember, if you move to use the flamers, you can't shoot the ML.

If you stay put to shoot the ML, you waste the flamer,ie, Meltagun/Flamer combo given by Cresent.

You can try Plasmagun ML , that would work.

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