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New to the black templars
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Kroot Shaper
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Default New to the black templars

Hi, i have only recently started to collect the black Templar's as my second army... i have two crusader squads, a command squad and an emperors champion, i really would like some advice on what to get next, and what are good tactics(from your experience)
thanks from Mobbz
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Default Re: New to the black templars


This link is to something that might help you. I wrote it recently, let me know if it helps.
You have a Command Squad, that is one HQ, you might want to get a Chaplain in there because of all the beneifits. Depending on the set up of those units, you are going to need something in the way of Anti-armour.

I used to push/advocate the rhinos big but now with BT and the RZ move, large squads are the order. I am looking at a 1500 point list with only two predators. I might just add a Speeder in there, but only if it goes to 2000.

IF you have a list, I could help you make changes but right now I dont have a fixed list.

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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: New to the black templars

Yea thats helped alot, thanks loads
It was four against a thousand......and we killed all four of the f*****s
^^^^haha I love it!
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