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1500pts Space Wolves, C&C please
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Old 17 Dec 2005, 16:43   #1 (permalink)
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Default 1500pts Space Wolves, C&C please

Guess whos back???

Anyhoo, Can you nice people here rate my 1500pts Wolves army.

Space Wolves 1500pts

Karl Wolfmane (Wolf Guard Battle Leader)
Battle Leader, Terminator Armour, Storm Bolter, Frost Blade- 100pts
(Wolf Guard Bodyguard, see Elites)

Rune Priest (Brother Aleksander)
Rune Priest, Rune Axe, Bolt Pistol, Torsi (Master Crafter Runic Axe)- 156pts

Wolf Guard Bodyguard (Brothers Thor, Harold, Haakon, Hrolf)
4 Wolf Guard Bodyguards, Terminator Armour and Storm Bolter, Power Fist, 1 Assault Cannon- 220pts

Grey Hunters 1
9 Grey Hunters, Bolt Pistols and CCWs, 2x Power Weapons, Rhino, Extra Armour - 228pts
(Joined by Brother Aleksander)

Grey Hunters 2
10 Grey Hunters, Bolters and CCWs- 180pts

Grey Hunters 3
10 Grey Hunters, Bolters and CCWs- 180pts

Grey Hunters 4
10 Grey Hunters, Bolters and CCWs- 180pts


Land Raider (Iron of Fenris)
Land Raider, Extra Armour- 255pts

HQ: 17%
ELITE: 14.6%
TROOP: 51.2%
Purity Test Rating: -1 Gaming Hero
TOTAL: 1499pts
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Old 17 Dec 2005, 19:03   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: 1500pts Space Wolves, C&C please

For starters, YOU STOLE MY PIC!!! :P (Na, just joking)

Terminators and Land Raiders are VERY expensive to have in 1500 points, taking well over a third of your army with 6 models! I hope you don't have an Eldar opponent anywhere near you...

Your army overall lacks mobility. With only one Rhino and the LR to transport guys you'll have to footslog across a lot of terrain, leaving you open to enemy fire. SWs cannot take many casualties being so expensive, so I'd definately consider mounting them up. If you do, I suggest arming them with Power Fists so the Grey Hunters would be able to hold their own once they get into close combat. I like the number of troops you have, though, lots of GHs .

I don't see very much AT weapons in there (with the lascannons on the LR being pretty much it!). You'll have a great deal of trouble taking out tanks (even light ones), and I would highly recommend replacing the LR with at least a Predator Annihilator, thereby freeing up point for Rhinos.
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Old 18 Dec 2005, 08:06   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: 1500pts Space Wolves, C&C please

yeah I thought i was a little AT short, but I'm not sure where to put it, in long fangs maybe, I want to keep the termies and LR.
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Old 18 Dec 2005, 12:15   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: 1500pts Space Wolves, C&C please

skip the long fangs for anti-tank...just settle for the land raiders

and as for the army...well, it looked solid til i paid more attention to the squads. only 1 squad is upgraded...and even then, you haven't done the decent thing of packing it full of fists, instead resorting to the much weaker power weapon. load your squads out with full complements of fists, and at least 1 improved ranged weapon

oh, and give the termies an extra assault cannon

i take it you're not exactly planning on using storm caller to assist you in assault??

i'd re-think the army a bit if i were you...some hints: scouts are good, vennie dreads are good, bloodclaws are good (and cheap). and loading out on powerfists is a major strong point for space wolves
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Old 19 Dec 2005, 00:33   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: 1500pts Space Wolves, C&C please

If you want an idea, I'll post a list I used recently.
I won't go into much detail.

Wolf Lord
BP,Frost, RunicCharm, Frag, Meltabombs, Pelt 140

Wolf Priest Healing Potions 413
with 5 Wolf Guard Terminators
2 with Assault Cannons
3 with Power Weapons

Grey Hunter Unit1 226
8 x hunters
PFx1 Meltagun

Blood Claw Unit 2 194
8x claws 2 x PFs

Grey Hunter Unit 3 134
6 x hunters PF, Plasmagun

Predator Ann 153

Ven Dred 163

Speeder 80

Total comes to 1503

I walk the dred in front of the Terminator unit, and backed up by the 6 man Hunter unit.

Units 1 and 2 hit a weak spot backed up with the speeder. Lord will go in with the front Rhino or with the Blood Claws depends on my opponent.

Predator goes anywhere I think it do the most harm to my opponent.

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