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Blood Angels and Khorne
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Old 15 Dec 2005, 22:18   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Blood Angels and Khorne

Hey guys, I've posted this a few other places, so if you've seen it around, I'm sorry...

I'm not an expert on fluff, so I wanted to run an idea past all of you fluff experts.

Here's the third draft of my fluff.

I want to make an army that is basically fallen Blood Angels. Here's the idea. I figured out the name: Angels Mordant.

The Angels Mordant split off from the BA because of arguments over the Black Rage. Why should something that helps so much in combat be supressed? This was a gift, not a curse! So they retreated to a far off corner of the Imperium to try and harness the gift that their Primarch gave them. An inquisitor learned of thier experiments, and deemed them heretics. After they were attacked, the seeds of Chaos had been sown. Why had thier beloved Emperor turned His back on them, when they were just trying to find the way to best serve Him? They started to look for answers. A vision came to the chapter master shortly thereafter. A beautiful angel-like creature, with wings like Sanguinius, draped in blood red cloth. "I have what you are seeking. Follow me, and you will achieve the power you so desire." Little do they know, this is an agent of Khorne, attempting to seduce them. They make this pact with the devil in order to save themselves. They decide that with this newfound power, they will return to Terra and show the Emperor that they are truely deserving of his affections. No one, not even thier battle brothers, will stop them.

Comments? Suggestions?
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Default Re: Blood Angels and Khorne

Khone hates the blood angels because they drink the blood of there enermies so khorne doesn't get any.
-Disney: He's the puppet master, both our damnation and salvation. He rewards our successes and punishes us for our hubris (often in subtle but horrible ways). I suggest we do our best not to anger him, he is the greatest asset to our campaign and potentially the most fearsome foe we'll ever face.
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Default Re: Blood Angels and Khorne

Sounds good except Khorne would not be so subtle in his attempts to take them. He's a very straightforward god, the most straightforward chaos has to offer in fact. Sounds more like a Tzeentch-like plan to me. But Blood Angels go with Khorne quite well fluffwise.
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Old 18 Dec 2005, 06:32   #4 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Blood Angels and Khorne

Originally Posted by Shas'O Shir'Rin
Sounds good except Khorne would not be so subtle in his attempts to take them.* He's a very straightforward god, the most straightforward chaos has to offer in fact.*

Quite an interesting point...hmm. I may have to re-work that part...I dunno. We'll see.
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Default Re: Blood Angels and Khorne

He has a point. Khorne hates and scrorns treachory. He's more of a "Join or die!" kind of guy when he wants followers. But usually it's just "Die!"

"Kill! Maim! Burn! Kill! Maim! Burn!..."
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