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Space wolf help
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Old 09 Dec 2005, 20:50   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Space wolf help

My friend always beats me w/ his Eldar army.* I need some help,he has a wraithlord,Falcon,viper and Striking Scorpians.* He always destroys my Predator before I get a chance to use him.*
I have a normal battle force which includes a rhino 10 blood claws and 10 greyhunters and 3 bloodclaw bikers, I also have Ulrik and a rune priest along with a predator.
I am also getting a drednought soon.

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Default Re: Space wolf help

I would help you, but you seem to be lacking a model count of your own. How can I make suggestions or even a list if I don't know what you can feild? :-\

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Default Re: Space wolf help

if he always kills your predator before you use it, that means you never get first turn. Ever. I tend to suspect that it's more like he kills it on turn one about half the time, but even when he doesn't, it doesn't do much for you, because a predator is no match for a falcon. I mean, you're shooting at the hardest to kill tank in the game, and your list is severely lacking in the anti-tank department. Besides that, eldar are designed to dominate space marines, once the eldar player figures out how to play them.
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Default Re: Space wolf help

Ulrik, in my oppion is way to expensive for 1000 point battles. He would be 1/5 of you whole army. Trevor set you up in buying him for you for your birthday :P. Maybe you should use him as a wolf guard battle leader. Jack, once you get your Long Fangs you will have a better chance of beating him. If your Rune Priest has Termi armor and krak gernades/ Melta bombs, then deep strike him by the Falcon and attempt to set a bomb/ gernade on it Oh well, just my oppion.

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P.S. When are you getting Long Fangs anyway?
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Default Re: Space wolf help

Originally Posted by Warboss Kalazaclawh
Jack, once you get your Long Fangs you will have a better chance of beating him. If your Rune Priest has Termi armor and krak gernades/ Melta bombs, then deep strike him by the Falcon and attempt to set a bomb/ gernade on it* Oh well, just my oppion.
Long Fangs are definately NOT the answer to take out Eldar vehicles, I've used them myself and have had them die within the first two turns. Every. Single. Game.

That Rune Priest, BTW, cannot Deepstrike and will have a very small chance of ever destroying a Falcon with only 6's to hit and only one attack with the Meltabombs.

I honestly cannot find a decent way of taking out that damned Falcon, every weapons' advantages can be completely nullified just by moving the 6", and it really irritates me when 6+ Lascannon shots fail to do anything but shake it...
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Default Re: Space wolf help

There is only one sure-fire way to drop a Falcon: get the first turn, and hope you can see it.

Okay, there is another:
  • Switch to Guard.
  • Purchase the Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer.
  • Quote before every action. Each time you move a unit, quote. Each time you roll to hit, quote. Each time he takes an Armour Save, quote.

This technique seems to result in a very high skimmer body-count... as well as driving your opponent stark raving mad! ;D
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Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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