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Pintle-mounted stormbolters?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Pintle-mounted stormbolters?

I'm wondering if it is worth buying the pintle-mounted stormbolter upgrade for your rhinos? It would give them 4 shots, but along with the extra armour and smoke launchers, its a lot to spend on a transport.

I am going to have a couple of dedicated close combat squads rush up and disembark behind the rhinos, out of sight. This means they won't be able to fire, so the extra stormbolter might come in handy. Plus I can't use razorbacks, so might make up for the lack of heavy bolters (a little bit).
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Default Re: Pintle-mounted stormbolters?

It depends I would think. I usually don't take them in small battles, as I can always take a missile launcher in a Tactical Squad for the same points. However, it can lengthen the Rhino's lifespan - if the Rhino only has a single storm bolter, then 3 "Weapon Destroyed" or "Immobilised" results will destroy it, whereas if it has a pintle mounted storm bolter as well, then it will take 4 of these results to destroy the vehicle.
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Default Re: Pintle-mounted stormbolters?

It's a nice addition, but is it worth giving the rhino so much, with such weak armour.

The game of 40k is kinda confused, sm's were intended to be the take them all out army, they were more of an elite navy seals team, or SWAT teams. The rhino is more of a Hercules transport copter, not an Apache.
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