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Space Wolf Drop Pod Tactics/Strategies Help Please
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Space Wolf Drop Pod Tactics/Strategies Help Please

2 Questions

1) If I am reading the rules update correctly, it makes it sound like SW can drop pod landspeeders, even though no other marines can. Am I right?

2) Any general advice on how much of the army to drop pod, which parts, where, and how to use them one they're down? I know my question is vague, but I'm trying to decide whether to base my army on Drop Pods or Rhino assault. Or maybe a mix?

3) Is it a better bet to drop pod Grey Hunters (who can shoot well the turn they enter) or Blood Claws (who can rip anyone limb from limb the NEXT turn).
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Default Re: Space Wolf Drop Pod Tactics/Strategies Help Please

IIRC, speeders can deepstrike anyway...

and as for tactics...well, i've only really tried drop-pods once...its too much of a hassle for me without the minis. but really, its mostly a common sense kind of a do: pick your areas carefully, try not to drop too close to units that'll beat you in combat, don't trop too close to anything that'll eat you in shooting...that kinda thing

its kinda hard to devise a specific strategy, due to the scatter...but things i can suggest are if you're playing for an objective, try and drop on it or near it...but don't bunch up too much. if you're playing for something like table quarters, your first round of drops should secure you one tabe quarter, or at least sufficiently challenge it. but also remember to keep near the edge of the table quarter, so you can shift off at the last minute to capture a new one if needs be. your second should be based on the results of your first drop, and so on

and finally, remember that this is really just theoretical...so live and learn, and feel free to share your results
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Space Wolf Drop Pod Tactics/Strategies Help Please

Originally Posted by BloodiedFangs
and finally, remember that this is really just theoretical...so live and learn, and feel free to share your results
Thanks for your quick response ^.^
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Default Re: Space Wolf Drop Pod Tactics/Strategies Help Please

General tactics I use (mind you I'm not playing SW though)...

I almost always set my tanks down in a position that allows them to provide fire support as my drop pods land, that way I can soften up enemy armor and chew into some of those larger groups before the clean up crew arrives. You'll have a slight advantage over me sense you can use Long Fangs for this rather than vehicles but the same tactic still stands. When it comes to the drop pod troops themselves I try to get my Dreads into a position that allows me to rake across the front or rear of my enemy from a flank, basicly creating a cross fire if my tanks are still in the fight and providing my HQ/Assault/CCW squads with additional cover fire.

One of the biggest things you have to worry about is putting your troops into a position where they can be fired on by more than one enemy squad on the turn they land. Try to minamize this by using a piece of terrain/blown up vehicle plus the drop pod to break LOS. Because you're using drop pods you don't have to worry about going splat on things like terrain or enemy positions so don't be afraid to touch down right in your enemies grill if you think you can survive the landing.

With take and hold type missions you can have a tremendous advantage so long as you can put the right troops into the right positions, sometimes getting those reinforcement rolls early hurts more than it helps.

Just don't forget that whatever starts out on the table needs to be able to soak and return allot of fire for at least one turn and chances are more than one turn.

Unfortunately these are more of tips than tactics sense unfortunately a bad scatter roll can and usually will leave you in a bad position. Bad dices rolls on scatter and reinforcement has left my army in tatters, being chewed apart piece mail, but at the same rate I've managed to crunch up several opponents simply because things arrived when and where I wanted them to.
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