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how many gaurdsmen?
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Default how many gaurdsmen?

ok i was bored and did the math here:
weapon number of shots to kill a space marine
lasgun 22
hellgun (bs 4) 14
lascannon 2.4
Heavy bolter 9
SPace Marine
bolter 9
lascannon 1.7
assault cannon 5.5
heavy bolter 6.8
I all so did more but they were template or not that used

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Default Re: how many gaurdsmen?

Aaaand? Step two is to multiply the Space Marine numbers by a factor to get the relative efficiency of the two (since a marine costs 2.5 times as much as a guardsman).

You see, a 6 point lasgun is slightly more efficient than a 15 point bolter.

a 16 point IG heavy bolter is more efficient than a 25 point SM heavy bolter...and so on.

IG are more efficent at killing marines than marines are.
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Default Re: how many gaurdsmen?

not really...it takes 132 points of lasguns or 135 points of bolters to kill a marine (assuming guardsmen and marines). however, the moment you start factoring in return fire, you'll notice the guardsmen's shooting ability dropping at a much higher rate...
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Default Re: how many gaurdsmen?

And your forgetting plasma guns...give marines those and you got instant termie killers.
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