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1000 Point Infiltrators List
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Default 1000 Point Infiltrators List

Advantages: Take the Fight to Them, See, but Don't be Seen
Drawbacks: Flesh over Steel, We Stand Alone


Stormbolter, Terminator Armour, Adamantine Mantle

4 Terminators
Assault Cannon, Heavy Flamer, Chainfist


8 Marines (Infiltration, BP & CCW)
Sgt. w/ Terminator Honours, Thunder Hammer, Plasma Pistol

8 Marines (Infiltration, Bolters)
Sgt. w/ Terminator Honours, Lightning Claw, Plasma Pistol

Heavy Support:

7 Devestators (Infiltration)
Sgt. w/ Terminator Honours
4 Missile Launchers

Total: 999 Points

Comments and questions are welcome, as well has suggestions on expanding the army - right now I'm thinking of a Dreadnaught, 2 Land Speeders, and a Scout Squad for 1500.
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