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1500pts marines
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Default 1500pts marines

this list is primarily for tau,
traits- cleanse and purify disadvantage- we stand alone

Captain: plasma pistol,mc power weapon.

Venerable dreadnought: extra armour


Tac squad:
Vet sgt- power fist, bolt pistol
7 marines (2x meltagun)
- rhino :extra armour

tac squad 2:
vet sgt-lightning claw, bolt pistol
7 marines (1x flamer)
-rhino: extra armour

tac squad 3:
8 marines ( 2x plasma gun)

fast attack:

assault squad:
vet sgt- power fist, bolt pistol
9 marines ( 2x plasma pistol)

landspeeder tornado : multi melta, flamer

heavy support:
predator annihilator: heavy bolters, extra armour.

5 marines (3x missile launcher)


captain joins tac2 and tac 1 and 2 advance in rhinos to get into assault quickly on one side, while assault squad advances on other* so firepower is spread or all firepower is concentrated on one side, tac3 and dreadnought protect devastators until they are in a good firing position the advance down the middle while whirlwind batters any threat to them, predator hunts tanks then infantry and the landspeeder deepstrikes behind any pesky vehicles in the back line hitting rear armour.

any advice on the list or the tactics greatly appreciated.
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Default Re: 1500pts marines

firstly, why only a single lightning claw on that vet sarge...either go all out or switch it for a fist

next, one speeder won't last long enough. take 'em in pairs (2 squads of 1 or more), or nothing at all...and the assault cannon/heavy bolter variant will last you better

i'm not sure about a 5-man dev squad...but hey

and finally, all your rhinos need smoke launchers...
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Default Re: 1500pts marines

The thing is Tau dominate in long range warfare, their average range is 32" and their weapons are powerful so close combat is the best option.
Those rhinos will have to watchout for the railguns on a Hammerhead Gunship, as previously stated use smoke grenades, but be quick to take out the hammerhead gunship(s) as they will cause big problems for all of your vehicles and men, also that dreadnaught will not be able to protect the devastators forever, by turn two you will defiantly have a hammer heads rail gun, or some broadsides on that dreadnaught, so i suggest getting the predator to take out the hammerhead A.S.A.P then that's a lot of weight off your back.
secondly i would not have a landspeeder, one is just no use, have two squads of assault troops, assault troops in CC with firewarriors = very dead firewarriors
Finally if your enemy has XV8 Crisis battlesuits, which i presume he/she has i would suggest you using your devastators and dreadsnaughts knocking them out.
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Default Re: 1500pts marines

Hmmm...well, you can't go wrong bringing heavy bolters to kill firewarriors, and lascannons to kill hammerheads. I agree that the rhinos need smoke, it gets you 24" without a penetrating hit when you combine it with extra armor. I agree that you need to ditch the speeder, or get another one (I say ditch!) I agree that the multimelta will suck against tau vehicles (skimmer protection overrides AP1). If you keep the speeder, give it a heavy bolter, an assault cannon, and an identically armed wingman. I disagree about needing more assault marines. That's what the rhinos are for, to get tactical marines into tau lines (although it won't work against mechtau). You might want to go with pure lascannons on the predator. You're going to need lots of lascannon shots to deal with skimmers, and you can absolutely guarantee that you'll see plenty of skimmers. And if you catch that one army out of a hundred with no vehicles, it will have tons of broadsides, which are more than expensive enough to justify lascannons, and lots of crisis suits, which are also expensive, and the more he has the harder it is to hide them. You can't go wrong loading up on lascannons against tau.
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Default Re: 1500pts marines

thanks for all the replies, i was thinking about ditching the rhinos and infiltrating tac one and two and the devastators( also this will save me some money on the rhinos), make the landspeeder have heavybolter and assault cannon( i love the model and don't have the points for two), and I'm going to see where i can free up some points to take full las predator and maybe a las on the dreadnaught. the list is made up of the models i already own and some I'm going to buy ( speeder, predator and whirlwind).

again cheers for the replies
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