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Space Wolves and Rhino Tactics
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Space Wolves and Rhino Tactics

I've been playing Space Wolves for a while, but I played a game yesterday that made me think twice about my strategy. I have Grey Hunters and Blood Claws in Rhinos which run up the board, then my guys dismount behind the Rhinos. Next turn, they walk around, shoot and charge.

Now, my question is this: Since we can't Rhino Rush any more, what is the best way of delivering my troops.
a) Should my guys have gotten out in front of the Rhino and shot at the guys? However, this would expose me to counterfire and an assault on their turn.
b) Get my guys out in cover or behind the rhino (as I do already), and then wait until my next turn to attack.
c) Drop Pod my guys?
d) Give up the Rhinos and walk into combat. (I know Blood Claws NEED Rhinos to survive, do Grey Hunters have the same issues?)

Edit: If I use a Dreadnought w/ Assault Cannon, should I try to keep it escorting the Rhinos? Or just go and do its own thing (or drop pod maybe?)

I'd like general advice on the issue also. I searched the forums for Rhino Rush and a few other things but found nothing addressing my question, but if I missed a major thread that answers my question already please point me in the right direction. Thanks!
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Default Re: Space Wolves and Rhino Tactics

Bloodied Fangs, the local SW expert, seems to be a fan of drop pods...
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Default Re: Space Wolves and Rhino Tactics

go with whichever you think feels right. i actaully prefer to keep my wolves legs on the ground. plus i'm old and set in my ways. however, the new rules have made thinos extremely hard to use, so its a realy challenge (especially against 'crons and eldar...)
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Default Re: Space Wolves and Rhino Tactics

Well, you have to change with the tactics you are going to use. I use the rhinos are mobile cover or as transport. Who says you have to deploy your troops in the rhinos. I sometimes use the rhinos are a buffer for my troops sometimes, I use it to get those extra inches to the enemy.

I personally love it when I do a drive-by with my rhino while a Wolf inside fires his Meltagun. Being a mobile player, I have used my rhinos to either move my troops out of danger or move them directly into danger.

The catch is what does your opponent have that can destroy your rhinos. Necrons, not good, Tau not good, other marines good. I take two or more rhinos and sometimes a tank to lead them.

I mean you have to work with tactics, I will have a big GH squad jump out of a rhino and rapid fire. They get charged and usually live, then have the OTHER rhino that was behind the first rhino move out of the way so your BC's can charge whatever charged the GH's.

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Default Re: Space Wolves and Rhino Tactics

I tend to use rhinos more as mobile cover then anything. I will transport a unit in them, but once CC is imminent, I tend to disembark the unit, and then the Rhino goes on either to run away from units that must move/assault the clsoest enemy unit, or use them to create fire lanes or bottle necks. i remember one game where I completly block off line of sight and movement through a gap between 2 forests by moving my rhinos in between and turing them sidewas, completely blocking the gap. This sometimes works and sometimes does'nt because as the game progresses you may find yourself wishing you could move/shoot through those gaps... I have done this several times, and in all instances, they blocked LOS to a unit that very much needed to be shot before they got to my lines.... either way, play your rhinos. *cough* i mean cards right, and they could very much in your favor 8)

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