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1000 point team tourney list
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Kroot Shaper
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Default 1000 point team tourney list

HQ - 276
Emperors Champion - Suffer not the unclean to live

Chaplain - Rosarius - Crozius - Bolt Pistol - Terminator Honors - Holy Orb of Antioch - Bike

Elites - 240
Terminator Squad
5 Terminators - 2 Assault Cannons

Troops - 294
Squad Alpha
8 Initiates - 1 Powerfist, 1 Melta Gun, 6 BP and CCW
3 Neophytes - 3 BP and CCW
-- Attached Emperors Champion

Squad Beta
5 Initiates - 1 Lascannon, 1 Plasma Gun, 3 Bolters
1 Neophyte - BP & CCW

Fast Attack - 190
5 Bikes - 3 Powerweapons
-- Attached Chaplain

The tourney is a team tourney and this 1000 point army will be paired up with one of my partners they play grey knights, exorcist heavy sisters, and pentinent heavy sisters. Will this army play well with any army I get paired up with? The bikes need to stay as I am doing heavy conversion work on them to make the templars look like actual knights. The strategy is pretty simple.. Bikes speed up a flank and with their movement I should be able to pick my fight and hit something they can tear up. Terminators and Emperors Champion Form a group spearhead an advance hoping to get into combat with all their nice Str 9 powerfists, Str 7 Power weapon (emp champ), and Str 5 Marines! Remember, I will also have an ally and depending on who they will either be dumping out tons of firepower (exorcists) or storming the enemy with me (pentinents and knights). Comments more then welcome!
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Default Re: 1000 point team tourney list

Go with the 50 point vow for your emperor. All your men hit on 3s and if you fight anything else I 4 you hit simo instead of him hitting you first and you lossing men before you attack. I would not use the attack bikes i would use jumpies with a chaplen in thouse. Take out the neofites for the extra poitns needed for vow.

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Default Re: 1000 point team tourney list

Just a few comments on your teminators. In a 1000 points, terminators are a real points sink. But if you are playing with a partner it might work. Unless you make a plan around the terminators which I think that is whay you are doing. Hit a large unit first with the bikes hoping to kill it if not, bikes should tie up that unit while Termies continue on to finish up that unit while on the flank of the termis you have Squad Alpha there.

Move that one Neo from Beta to Alpha, you want a large unit here, that way you have three main threats and squad Beta can just fire and take out armor.

I like your idea but I don't like bikes.

Bikes lose their extra attack so I was thinking 2 PWs and one flamer. Maybe even two flamers.

Why would I recommend something I don't like to do myself. I don't know but flamers do work. If you move your bikes right one flamer could touch 4 or 5 models, a power weapon would hit one, two if you get the charge. Hmm, then you have to roll to wound on your str 4 for your PW vs 4 to 5 models. See the picture.

Of course I like melta guns, nothing like a drive-by roasting of that High Tech Killer of Tanks and Troops the Tau Hammerhead.

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