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Mark of the Wulfen rules exploit?
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Default Mark of the Wulfen rules exploit?

The MoTW turns it's carrier into a frenzied monster - simple enough. The thing that tweaked my 'cheap 4th ed. exploit' is the wording of it's entry in the Codex. A model with the Mark always passes morale and pinning checks, etc, etc.

The thing is though, neither in the FAQ or the Codex does it actually say that the bearer is Fearless - with Fourth Eddition this is a serious matter, considering the drawbacks of Fearlessness... your thoughts?
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Default Re: Mark of the Wulfen rules exploit?

well, given that orks aren't fearless either, and yet still take the same penalties as fearless troops (IIRC), i'd say that packs led by someone with a MotW would come under the same ruling...
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Default Re: Mark of the Wulfen rules exploit?

It is because there was no difference between "Fearless" and "automatically pass".

Count them as Fearless. The only models which I would say can "pass automatically" without taking penalties are Inquisitors; who choose whether they pass or fail the test. As most models do not choose, they just pass automatically, they are Fearless. If they can choose, they are not.
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Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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Default Re: Mark of the Wulfen rules exploit?

Ahh, that makes good sense - if one felt like being a serious rules layer then the SW player could potentially make a mess of their opponents short-term tactics, but this seems to be the fairest way to go about it.
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