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Space wolves
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Default Space wolves

I was thinking of getting space wolves, can anyone recomend or citicze them?
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Default Re: Space wolves

they are the alpha and the omega. they are the be-all and end-all

but seriously, they're great fun and can be a challenge...they're also ideal for kicking other combat armies around the field
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Default Re: Space wolves

They're lots of fun to make fun of, too! ;D

Uh, wasn't there a very similar thread like 3 days ago? :
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Default Re: Space wolves

Cool, so what are they best at?
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Default Re: Space wolves

they excel at close combat, and infantry killing, long fangs are extremly good...
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Default Re: Space wolves

Yup, the SWs do excel at troop killing. Long Fangs may seem good on paper, but usually in practice they don't fare well. They are extremely high priced and few in number, meaning that casualties will be a severe blow to them. If you take any wounds, then either a heavy weapons gunner will die or the Pack Leader (who has the awesome ability you pay through the nose for) will die, losing the Split Fire bonus. I'm planning to replace them soon, even though they are really cool with a Predator.
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Default Re: Space wolves

Long Fangs, I hate to admit kinda suck.

I will say one thing for now, because there are tons of great things for the Wolves.
Grey Hunters Rock at taking the charge and dealing out the damage, can you say True Grit?

Personally, I still think the SW's are a little over priced, but they do a hell of a lot of damage in CC. (Can I say that H word??)

One unit of 8 Blood Claws, two powerfist attacks, throw in a WGL with a powerfist, and say you now get the charge as well.

Total 11 Powerfist attacks, That is a lot of damage. BT can only have one powerfist in a unit.

ah, don't get me started on the termiators

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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Space wolves

Don't long fangs get a special ability where they can target different units with their heavy weapons? Whats the fluff behind this, because I can't see why other marine chapters dont get this. Plus i used to be a darkangel player waaaay back in the day and i still have a hatred of the spacewolves getting all the neat rules :'(
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Default Re: Space wolves

SO the long fangs are crud then. What about the wulfen dudes, what are they good at?
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Default Re: Space wolves

Originally Posted by zee666
SO the long fangs are crud then. What about the wulfen dudes, what are they good at?
wulfen are 13th company, an independent list to the regular Space Wolves.

Space Wolves rock.

Space Wolves can be seen as being an "elite" army. they are different from most other balanced SM forces in that the Wolves are very much geared towards close combat, with a corresponsing loss of ability for ranged combat. they are elite in the sense their guys tend to be fewe in number, and fairly wargear heavy. the 2HQ per 1500pts bites into what you can take.

Essentially, Space Wolves work as a very agressive, and mobile assault army. there is a difference with how the Space Wolves work as you have to think. unlike the blood angels assault squadsthat charge across the board, Space Wolves because they tend to be mechanised have to be smart in how they move, now the rhino rush is gone.

What do Space Wolves do essentially boils down to them drinking lots of beer, and excelling in close quarter firefights, and especially in close combat.

why are they so good at this?
Commander wargear is pretty solid, and they get to pick an s5 power weapon. its a weapon that is SW exclusive, and really gives our commanders an edge in close combat. we have a talisman that allows us to always hit on a 3+ in combat. other than that, our stuff is the same as in any other SM army (though with cooler names!)
Space Wolves suqads can be geared to the 9s for close combat. whether it is the 2 powerfists, or the 2 plasma pistols, as well as a spec.weapon, and the ability to take a veteran with guess what, another power weapon, it is clear that while expensive, space wolf squads are awesome in close combat. then there is the fact that most space wolves have either a pistol and ccw, or a true grit bolter. we get double the attacks of most other SMs in close combat. then there are the space wolf special rules, and abilites, like counter attack, and so forth. Essentially it can be summed up by saying space wolves rock in combat.

It comes at a price though.

what are their limitations?
Space Wolves are slow in theme. With the blood angels, they get a free hand to take lots of assault squads. we don't. Our* assault squads are viciously expensive. So we have to rely on transports, and drop pods to get our guys into the thick of it. it eats into our points values, and as mentioned we cant charge out of our rhino are it zoomed up the board. unless we take a crusader.
secondly, we need lots of HQs. and they cost a lot of points. true, they rock, but its a very limiting factor to SW armies.
thirdly, our long range stuff is more limited than other armies. Sure our troops rock in cc, but none of them get to take long range firepower. for that, we need our vehicles. and they can be expensive. long fangs, our devestators also cost an obscene amount.

So, looking at the list:
Our HQs.

Our Wolf Lord. Awesome cc monster. give him a frost blade, pistol, and watch him tear through most things short of a wraithlord. give him a bike, and watch him go zoom! or else stick him with a squad elsewhere in your army. Our WOlf Guard battle leader is his loyal lieutenant, and is almost as good.

Our Wolf Priest. a cross between a chaplain and an apothecary. an awesome individual, who can heal wounds. and hits things obscenely well in cc. fairly cheap, by space wolf standards! he doesnt get litanies of hate though..

Our rune priest. stormcaller. fantastic psychic power. good cc monster as well.

Our Venerable Dreadnought. essential choice for any space wolf player. hard to kill, and old and wise. chances are, you'll get first turn. always a good thing! and our dread can do a lot of hurting with his guns and his claw.

Our Iron Priest decent guy. a techmarine basically. nice toys, but not seen often is SW armies.

Wolf Guard. Our elite brawlers. expensive, and can olny be bough tas a squad leader, or HQ bodyguard. no stand alone elite squads. they're expensive, though they get cheaper wargear. very versatile unit. can be kitted out to do almost anything, though if kitted out to be terminators, they cost a bomb.

Wolf Scouts. An essential squad. behind enemy lines is an awesome ability. and like most space wolves, they can be decked out into cc monsters with lots of power weapons, plasma guns and a tooled out veteran is an option

Grey Hunters. a rock hard assaulty/close in shooty unit. great vicious upgrades. lots of mpower weapons/fists, plasma pistols, and spec weapons. expensive, but they can cause lots of damage.

Blood CLaws. Our beloved psychopathic younglings. +2 attacks on the charge, and even more power weapons/fists than ou can shake a stick at. stick your commander with these guys, and give them a wolf guard leader with powerfist, and you're looking at 17 power weapon/fist attacks on the charge from 8 blood claws, the wol guard and commander. and while our commander tears through our choas lords, our power fist blood claws tear through the wraithlords!

give the above two transports, or drop pods, and watch them cause mayhem!

Fast Attack:
Blood claws on bikes, or with jump packs. a faster, though more expensive version of the troops choice. bikers are ideal for flanking, and supporting a lord on a bike.

the rest of our FA is as seen in the SM codex, with land speeders and so forth.

Our heavy support
long fangs our devestators. small squads. big guns. vunerable to incoming fire. expensive. but split fire is nice.

Leman Russ exterminator. Leman russ was our commander. it makes sense we have some tanks named after the old brawler. kitted out with an autocannon, and 3 h.bolters you are looking at a top of the range horde muncher!

the rest of our HS is as seen in the codex with land raiders, and predators. at least one of these is essential, based on our lack of long range anti armour in our trops section .

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