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Lascannon or Assault Cannons?
Closed Thread
Old 24 Nov 2005, 01:14   #1 (permalink)
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Default Lascannon or Assault Cannons?

My personal preferance is an assault cannon. Anyone willing to post the pros and cons with each gun?
The lascannon is only good against vehicles, IMO and even then it struggles. The assault cannon is good against everything. Your views?
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Default Re: Lascannon or Assault Cannons?

and monstrous critters...and lone independent characters...and obliterators...

IMO i'm a fan of the assault cannon...short-ranged and low on finesse. makes me feel all tingly and warm inside...plus its a weapon that can be easily operated while innebriated, so is great for my space wolves

however, the lascannon has the range and sheer power that the assault cannon lacks...both have their uses, just pick the right time or the right play style
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Default Re: Lascannon or Assault Cannons?

I prefer the Assault Cannon. It's big, it's got a lot of shots, and it has RENDING. With Rending you could mow down ANYTHING, and with 4 shots you'll do it will efficiency. The only thing that I dont like about it is that it doesn't quite look as cool on Dreadnaughts compared to Terminators, and the Terminator box set only comes with one...

Lascannons are great, but with only one shot they aren't as universal as Assault Cannons. They are only really meant to be paired with the Missile Launcher option to optimize tankbusting capabilities. If you're going to a tourny, though, definately go for the Assault Cannon.
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Default Re: Lascannon or Assault Cannons?

My thoughts pretty much mirror BloodiedFangs.

Assault cannons are great for anti-troop. Lots of shots, good AP and stregth. Little light on the range but them you tend to be up close with troops as that is thier best firing range as well and all the options that carry the assault cannon have excellent armour vs small arms. Witht he rending you could take on armour, but it's really a waste to do so and one of those options that really should be only used if no better targets are around or you have no other options.

Lascannons. Really good against armour. Melta weapons at short range only do better. Also as said good agianst anything where having high strength and really low AP is a must(aka, anything bigger than a warrior for nids). Range is quite long so you should have lots of time to blast away at range and since most of the options for marines are twin-linked or in groups of three or more your going to hurt something. On the other hand, really is over kill for swatting foot troops which can make it seem a waste.
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Default Re: Lascannon or Assault Cannons?

Depends. Lascannons have 48" range to play with, so return fire should be less. Assault cannons require you to get up close and personal, so they require a bit of luck or skill getting into range in the first place, but they can be fired on the move by everything that can take one in the first place. Another thing is, everything that mounts an assault cannon is expensive for what you get (except dreadnaughts)...and vulnerable to lascannons.

If you're deepstriking, go for the assault cannon. Otherwise, the lascannon is your best friend.
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Default Re: Lascannon or Assault Cannons?

The Assault Cannon is a no-brainer... which is why I avoid taking it unless I really don't have any other options (eg: Termi-armies).

Lascannon is a better weapon, if only because it is nowhere near as noobish.
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Default Re: Lascannon or Assault Cannons?

I love the Las CC combo, Its the true anti tanker.

You forward with the other troops while shooting at tanks. Then with the rest of your sqauds, it crashes into the ememy lines. causing alot of pain.
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Default Re: Lascannon or Assault Cannons?

I personally would rather go against an assault cannon than a lascannon. Assault cannons can be gotten around and sometime you won't even get a shot off with them(I've done it to my friend a couple of times) whereas lascannons are nearly gaurenteed to get a shot off. And to the range issue, you'll get four shots off with the lascannon if you play it right or you're going against a fast army. And, if you hit something with it, it's going to die, so it's better in my opinion.
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Default Re: Lascannon or Assault Cannons?

That is a good point. It is true that an assault cannon has a better chance of defeating AV14 in a single turn of shooting than a lascannon does. But that's the thing...given the short range of the weapon, and the possibility that you might be deepstriking it, the chances of firing the assault cannon at a tank on turn one are pretty slim. And when it comes to potting tanks (especially pie-plate-chuckers!), every turn counts. A dead tank on turn 5 and a dead tank on turn 1 get the same victory points...but I'll bet the one that dies on turn 5 pays for itself twice over! Lascannons have the advantage of being able to shoot on turn one!
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Default Re: Lascannon or Assault Cannons?

I think it is the rending and four shots that really make the difference. Also with four shots you have the chance to rend more often VS a Las C with only one shot.

I agree with BFangs, My Wolves have come to love the shots pumped out by AC. I will even throw shots at AV 13 and AV14 because of the rending, my oppenents will tend to move their tanks away from my AC termies for fear of the rending ability.

In fact my wolves won't even step in a Speeder unless it has an Assault Cannon on it.


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