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1000 pointish list
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Default 1000 pointish list

hi ive finally collected an army of 1000 pts consisting of all the models i own. i would appreciate some feed back on the list. any suggestions on swaping out units for others are welcome as are tactics i could use with this list. i usually play chaos,sm and orks.

captain-power sword, p.pistol, iron halo

dreadnought-assault cannon,ccw,storm bolter.

tac squad 1
vet sgt-p.fist, b.pistol
5x bolters
2x meltaguns

tac squad 2
sgt(not vet)ccw,b.pistol

tac squad 3
6x bolters
2x plasma guns

fast attack
assault squad
vet sgt-p.fist,b.pistol
7x ccw,b.pistol
2x ccw,p.pistol

heavy suport
dev squad
2x bolters
3x missile launchers

im planning on adding the captain to tac squad 2 then advancing all the troops stoping tac squad 3 when within 24'' and softening up the enemy while tac1 and tac 2 assault.i was thinkin on using the dread to screen the dev squad untill their in a good firing position and hopfully using it as bait to draw attention away from the rest of the army.
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Default Re: 1000 pointish list

I think it looks great. Balanced and with good tactics. Good luck!
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