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Other assassins?
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Default Other assassins?

Hello fellow Tau-Onliners (?).
I read about two other assassin temples, one which uses poison (venonus?) and another which is more mysterious. Could someone who knows a lot about fluff (like wargamer) clarify a bit more?

Edit: I just realised I put this in space marines instead of demon-hunters, could a mod move it?
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Default Re: Other assassins?

Venenum and Vanus.

Venenum are widely accepted to be masters of biological warfare. The role of Vanus is unknown... but I personally believe them to be a sabotage-expert; they do their damage by means of trickery.

For example, let us say a Chaos Lord needs assassinating...

A Vindicare would snipe him.

A Callidus would get close to him, turn his plans against him, then move in for the kill if fate hasn't arranged it already.

An Eversor would rip his head off.

A Culexus would nullify his Psychic abilities... then kill him.

A Venenum would poison him.

A Vanus would booby-trap his transport, lay explosives where he is likely to be, or arrange an "accident" such as a rock slide or airlock decompression.
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Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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Default Re: Other assassins?

so the vindicare would die in a rock slide caused by the vanus who would get his head ripped off by the eversor for screwing things up, while the rockslide would fail to kill the lord as he is in his bunker who is feeling woozy due to the culexus, who isn't doing his job so the eversor rips his head off.

The callidus is poisoned by the venenum while in her role as a drinks tester close to the lord, the venenum then gets his head ripped off for screwing up as well.

as the eversor goes in for the kill he is completely randomly trampled by a procession of TO members holding aloft an item of tau origin and declaring, each in tur; 'I got the rail rifle! no I got the rail rifle!'

...he died...
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