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Iron Hands
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Default Iron Hands

I was wondering if there were any rules to them and any special type of Tactical Squad designated to them. I've read a few things about them on Wikipedia but I have read the Astartes file yet. I wanna know a few things to

1 - Are they more shooty or Close Combat?

2 - Do they have any special type of Tactical Squad like some other Chapters?

3 - Are they fun to play with?

4 - Where Can I find rules to them if they have any?

5 - Is the Iron Father a good HQ to use in their perspective?

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Default Re: Iron Hands

1) Like most Space Marine armies, they can be whatever you want them to be.

2) Nope, just tac and scout squads.

3) They most certainly are.

4) Rules for them can be found in Codex: Space Marines. They have four divergences from vanilla marine: they can have up to six dreadnaughts, three elite and three heavy support (any taken as elite must be venerable and the 0-1 ven dred restriction is removed); they may take a three-wound Techmarine as an HQ instead, but not in addition to, a Captain or Master; single-wound models may be given terminator armor as a wargear option; and there is a 0-1 restriction placed on landspeeder and bike squadrons.

5) The Iron Father is no longer an official HQ selection. He is replaced in effect by the Techmarine or Chaplain.

For fluff on the Iron Hands check out Index Astartes III.
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