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Competative Marine army. Beardy?, which Chapter?
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Default Competative Marine army. Beardy?, which Chapter?

I already have quite a large Salamander army, but due to fluff constraints, it isn't as competative as It would be. Plus, I'd like to use Land Speeders which really just doesn't suit Salamanders.

1000 Point Army:

Storm Bolter,
Lightning Claw,
Melta Bombs,
Termie Honous.

5 Terminators:
2 Assault Cannons.

10 Marines:
Missile Launcher,

6 Marines:

Heavy Bolter,
Assault Cannon.

Heavy Bolter,
Assault Cannon.

Heavy Bolter,
Assault Cannon.

Assault Cannon,
Heavy Flamer.

6 Assault Cannons
1 Misslie Launcher
1 Lascannon
1 Heavy Flamer

22 Infantry
4 Vehicles

Firstly, what do you actually think of the list? what would you change? etc.

Do you think its is a beardy list due to all the Assault Cannons?

What Chapter would you suggest? Im tempted to go for Ultramarines, but I am unsure. It needs to be a regular codex Chapter at the very least.

Brunettes and Beer.
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