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tactical squads vs. Scout squads
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Old 11 Nov 2005, 15:02   #1 (permalink)
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Default tactical squads vs. Scout squads

I don't see how people think that tactical squads are better then scout squads. Lets look a scout is 2 points cheaper has infiltrait and move through cove and more small arms to chose from.

9 space marines = 10 scouts with a heavy bolter
now witch one would win?

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Default Re: tactical squads vs. Scout squads

The 3+ armour save makes all the difference, especially against AP 4 weapons. Scouts are useful, but I prefer Tactical Squads to do the bulk of the fighting for the simple reason that their armour is better and they have better heavy and special weapon choices. Maybe the 10 Scouts with heavy bolter would come out better in a fight against 9 Space Marines, but I would never ever just take a bunch of Space Marines on their own. Drop one of the marines and give the squad a heavy bolter, plasma gun and the desire to shoot their comrades, the 10 scouts are now in serious trouble.
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Default Re: tactical squads vs. Scout squads

I play tau and have seen players search for the anti marine 3ap weapons and think that's a lot of points for that extra ap.
I see how the to units differ and have come to the conclution that which every is cheaper $ wise will see more use

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Default Re: tactical squads vs. Scout squads

you can't compare the two because they have diferent roles. tac. squads are tehre to get beat, shot and spit at and then get back up and bolter the b*st*rds. scouts are there to hide in a bush and rip up firewarriors with a heavybolter, or sneak behind a tank and krak missle it into submition.
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Default Re: tactical squads vs. Scout squads

Guys, this isn't the prupose of this board. If you want to ahve this debate move it to the Space Marine boards.
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Default Re: tactical squads vs. Scout squads

ya tactical squads are the brunt of the marines force.
using scouts as front line infantry is not very bright because of their armor saves.
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Default Re: tactical squads vs. Scout squads

So, basically, you're saying that for two points less, scouts get a worse armor save, fewer weapons choices,the ability to take boltpistols and chain swords, improved movement in difficult terrain (IIRC), access to sniper rifles, and the ability ot infiltrate? Yeah, that's a real bargain : Especially since you can give practically the entire army infiltration with a trait, and true grit with another one. That leaves a worse armor save and access to sniper rifles, with fewer upgrade choices for a 2 point discount. Blech! Traits killed scouts as an option, unless you want snipers.
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