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The holy hand grenade of Antioch
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Old 03 Nov 2005, 00:08   #1 (permalink)
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Default The holy hand grenade of Antioch

i could nto believe this when i read it but there is a new holy hand grenade of antioch that the bts can use, it alway hit on a 3+ and is ap3, hmmmm maybe they have been watching the holy grail too much

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Default Re: The holy hand grenade of Antioch

as long as they don't have a rule called "RUN AWAY" or "NI"
Originally Posted by Aloh´Ta
Edit by FT: Corrected your grammar and made it easier to read.
Eidt by JD: I dunno how you managed to read it after the changes FT
Edit by AC: JD you've spelt edit incorrectly...
Edit by WG: I just wanted to be part of the moment. :P
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Default Re: The holy hand grenade of Antioch

and no special cover saves for shrubberies! ;D
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Default Re: The holy hand grenade of Antioch

Originally Posted by march10k
and no special cover saves for shrubberies! ;D
But what if the shrubberies are magic... or if they're mutated super shrubberies... damnit I'm just not gonna win this one am I...

On a side note, I played a guy the other day that put bits of masonry, bushes, or other small (waist high to a model) items on the basis of all his infantry... then tried to tell me they all had partial cover because of it...
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Default Re: The holy hand grenade of Antioch


Deadnight sees the possibilities of converting ultramarines into the monty python crew..... ;D

along with my A-team conversion (just need an ogryn for BA, and a rhino with a red stripe. and schaeffer for hannibal!)
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Default Re: The holy hand grenade of Antioch

Accually only BS5 People can have them. It is also blast.
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Default Re: The holy hand grenade of Antioch

why would you want one? they only stop killer rabbits!
yes, that is me in the pic.
this be the awesome sig that kais made me...

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1500 points
my army lists.
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Default Re: The holy hand grenade of Antioch

maybe we will confuse them if we run away some more
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Default Re: The holy hand grenade of Antioch

Never mind you need to answer three questions, and the last is who Tzeenich is dating...
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Default Re: The holy hand grenade of Antioch

The black templars actualy do have a fortress monastery. The castle of aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh
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Originally Posted by Kaffl
That's what the new Space Marine codex relates to. Grilled puppies.

Thanks to JD for the awesome siggy
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