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Model Dimensions
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Default Model Dimensions

To save myself a bit of money while I play test a few vehicle configurations I was hoping to build a few proxys. While I doubt it's extremely important for me to use appropriate dimensions I'd still like to. That said anyone mind giving me the length and width of a few vehicles, specifically looking for the Pred, Land Raider, and Dreadnaught (or is the Dread on a base?). The idea being I can build myself a few templates and chop up a cardboard box leaving myself with an accurate overhead silhouette. I found a website listing a few but unfortunately none of them had actual measurements just vague listings of what size paper to print them out on.

Thanks in advance for any help yall might be able to provide.
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Default Re: Model Dimensions

I tried getting diminsions a short time a go, but all I seemed to get was a lackluster 'meh'.

I do know, however, that a dreadnought stands on a 60mm base.
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Default Re: Model Dimensions

I think it's copy writed; I'm not sure. Could a mod clear this up?
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Default Re: Model Dimensions

Tell me if it's not... If it isn't I can tell you all the base sizes
Originally Posted by Komrad
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Default Re: Model Dimensions

Part of the reason for the lack luster reply is because this is a grey area. No one is really sure if this is something GW rather would not have going about or not. Best suggestion is to take your best guess and go with it. Not like the vehicles are properly sized anyhow.
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Default Re: Model Dimensions

Alright then, here they are:

Normal Bases (Fire warrior) are the size of a quarter- 25mm
Large Bases (Battlesuit) are 40mm
Epic Titan Bases are 60mm
WHF bases are 20mm Square
Another is 20mm x 80mm... not sure what it is, but...
A monster base is a 50mm square base (think it's for the avatar...)
Another monster base is a 40mm square base
Chariot bases are 100mm x 47mm
Cavalry bases are 24mm x 48mm
Small Flyers are on a 30mm base
Large flyers are on a 55mm base

I got these from the catalogue and part reference guide... they should be close
Originally Posted by Komrad
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Default Re: Model Dimensions

ok, lets put this topic to rest for once and for all

a land raider is about 6.5 inches long, and about 4 inches wide (without sponsons)

sorry, i can't help on the size of a current rhino...i only have the old ones. so someone get the size up here...and if this topic ever re-emerges, i'll slap someone so hard, their head'll be ringing for a month
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Default Re: Model Dimensions

BF....you've got to be kidding. The LR is at least 10 inches long (more like 11-12) and more like 8-10 inches wide...The dimensions you give are more like a rhino, really. Anyway, making a poxy proxy in the correct dimensions, for the last time, people, is not a violation of copyright. The dimensions are the physical characteristics of a piece of GW merchandise, which, if anything, would come under patent law (which a proxy would not violate, given that it is more than 40% different than the original, and that it is for personal use, not for sale), not copyright law. : Fluff and rules come under copyright, the models don't. I'm pretty sick of this topic, too. maybe the question can go into FAQ? That way people who ask can get a good whack with the holy smite-stick?
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