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Default Thunderhawk

I am currently custom making a thunderhawk and need to know the rules. I know that I could get IA 2 but 90.00 USD is way to outrageous. If anyone could post to rules to having a transport TH and the gunship TH it would be very appreciated.

-Warsmith Tyranus
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Default Re: Thunderhawk

There is a forum rule against posting copyrighted information, and I don't have IA 2. Sorry I can't help.
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Default Re: Thunderhawk

Exactly as Skyblazer said - as many requests as we get, it doesn't change the fact that posting copywritten information is both against forum rules and illigal outright.
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Default Re: Thunderhawk

....to which he replies: ""screw you guys, I'm going home" in a prepubescent cartoon voice ;D
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