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Thu'Ook goes DIY! Bye Bye Never Despair trait! WARNING : LONG!!!
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Default Thu'Ook goes DIY! Bye Bye Never Despair trait! WARNING : LONG!!!


Yeah, you read well! I decided to go for a chapter that's using the Salamanders gene-seed. But I switched the Never Despair trait for the See, But Don't Be Seen trait. I can now have infiltrating Tactical Squad and Devastator Squads! > That fits more my style of play. If GW decides to change the rules of Salamanders for better ones, I'll probably start a small army but since then, I'll be only using my Ordo Ignis Chapter. Here goes the fluff! (and sorry for any typos you'll find... I'm doing my best since English ain't my mother-tongue!)

Ordo Ignis

Advantages :
Cleanse and purify
See, but don’t be seen

Major Drawback:
Eye to Eye

The Ordo Ignis Chapter was created to respond to a slowing growing threat against the Imperium. A new race of xenos creatures were discovered by the Ordo Xenos at the edge of the Imperium space. The attacks of those creatures were quickly ended up by the rapid action of the Imperial Guard regiments stationed in that sector, a sector previously known as the Korelyan Sector. But the inquisitors of the Ordo Xenos analysed every attacks and realised that they were only made to test the strength of the Imperium.

After an important meeting of the Ordo Xenos, the whole sector has been deleted from the Imperium files. Then, all present inquisitors voted for the creation of a Space Marine Chapter that would keep en eye over the sector. All Imperial Guard regiments that were stationed in the old Korelyan Sector were now under the direct control of the Ordo Xenos. The whole sector was then shut from the rest of the Imperium. To enter or exit the Sector TK-421 was nearly impossible. Only authorized ships were allowed to get in and out of the sector.

Meanwhile, the creation of the Space Marine Chapter had started. It took several centuries before it reached its full strength. Rumours said that the Chapter was trained by some Veteran Space Marines of the Salamanders Chapter. Even now, none of those two Chapters talk about this training period. What made many scholars think that this rumour could be true was that the new Chapter used a large number of flamers and melta weapons during training and in all of its initial actions. The Chapter was then known as the Ordo Ignis.

Previously known as Korelya, the homeworld of the Ordo Ignis is know known as TK-421-5. It’s the main planet of the Sector TK-421. Most of the population of this sector lives on TK-421-5. All other planets are mainly huge mines. TK-421-5 is covered with jungles and 2/5 of the planet is covered by water. The population of TK-421-5 is respectful of the planet jungles. All cities look to be part of the jungle. Even the fortress of the Ordo Ingis was built according to that.

Even if they have their own fortress, the Ordo Ignis Space Marines live with the population. For them, it’s the best way to find and see the evolution of potential recruits for the Chapter. Many time the leaders of the cities wanted the Space Marines to be the leaders of the cities but they refused. They just wanted to be part of the population. They also said that when they’ll have to go to war, they’ll be absent for too long so they preferred to leave the leading places for those who stayed on the planet in times of war. Many scholars also thinks, because of that fact, that the Ordo Ignis was trained by the Salamanders.

The real dangerous area of the planet is the located in a huge mountain and its surrounding areas in the north-west. The Mountain of Nightmares is the home of large biped predators known as the Stealthy Nightmares. Without killing that beast, Scouts of the Chapter that are about to become a full grown Space Marine must hunt one and bring back on of its long and sharp claw. If he comes back with one, he’ll become a Battle Brother. This ritual help on forging the way that the Chapter fights. Each Scout learns to rely on himself, learns patience and becomes even better with stealth tactics. Once the Scout is back with his trophy, this one will become the blade of his combat knife.

Brysmae VIII Massacre
Just before the 13th Crusade, the Ordo Ignis was dispatched on a planet named Brysmae. A dark cult was killing the population. Two full companies of the Ordo Ignis landed to give a hand to the PDF who seemed to be overwhelmed. The cult was larger than what the Ordo Malleus had estimated. The Ordo Ignis decided then that they would defend at all cost the last city. Chaplain Thu’Ook, leading the 3rd Company argued violently with Inquisitor Vasquez who wanted the planet to be abandoned and bombed from orbit. That meant that they had to leave many citizens since they were short on transport shuttles. Chaplain Thu’Ook couldn’t let that happen. That was offering all those souls to the Dark Gods. He then open his com-link and ask for all available Thunderhawk gunships and all troop transport shuttle to be ready for a large evacuation.

He turned and faced the Inquisitor and said that the two companies of the Ordo Ignis, helped by the PDF, would hold the city as long as they can. He added that if the planet was bombed from orbit, the fleet would be annihilates by the Ordo Ignis battle barges. The Inquisitor was about to reply when a huge explosion shook the ground. The Inquisitor died but all survivors, including Chaplain Thu’Ook had to face a new threat, Alpha Legionnaires, leaded by a Demon Prince.

Meanwhile, the defences around the city were holding but the were retreating slowly toward the city after each wave of cultits to close any gaps left by dead defenders. The Ordo Ignis was at the front, grabbing any wounded PDF trooper or any Battle Brothers. Space Marine Sergeants ordered to execute any defender that would be capture alive. None of the souls of the defenders had to be consume by dark forces. The sea of cultist was getting bigger and bigger when a miracle happen.

Chaplain Thu’Ook with the few survivors of his Reclusiam Command Squad, helped by the now dead Inquisitor Vasquez’s retinue and 4 squads of Storm Troopers, were able to get send the six Alpha Legionnaires back to the warp but the Demon Prince was still a huge threat. While the rest of the Storm Troopers were butchered by the Demon Prince, the Reclusiam Command Squad and Vasquez’s retinue started to shoot with all weapons available on the Demon Prince. Using that diversion, Chaplain Thu’Ook charged the Demon Prince, his crozius raised and his bolt pistol blasting part of the Demon’s armour. His first hit with the crozius enraged the Demon Prince. The blow that sent flying Chaplain Thu’Ook should have killed him but his precious rosarius saved him. Thu’Ook felt a big pain on his right side and realised that his arm was gone, as was hi crozius. He got on his feet, weaken by the blow but charged again. All he had was his bolt pistol and he was going to make the best use of it. While charging the Demon, he could see that only three members of his Command Squad were left. But they managed to weaken the Dark Prince. Suddenly, the last member of Vasquez’s retinue appeared in from of Thu’Ook with a thunder hammer. Thu’Ook recognized Vasquez’s weapon and took it. He would need it to kill that Chaos scum. At that moment, the acolyte fell to a massive blow from the Demon Prince. Thu’Ook took his chance and swing the hammer once, twice and then went flying into a wall in a huge bright light…

When Thu’Ook woke up, Apothecary Ga’Vear told him what happened. Thu’Ook’s action against the Demon Prince gave time for the Grey Knights to teleport in and complete what Thu’Ook had started. It cost Thu’Ook his right arm and leg but cultists were stopped when the Demon Prince died. Thu’Ook raised himself on his bed and saw a Grey Knight in the room. He advanced and offered Vasquez’s hammer to Thu’Ook saying that he deserved it for his actions against that Dark Prince. While he took the hammer with he remaining hand, Chaplain Thu’Ook also realised what was left of the Ordo Ignis strike force. Only ten of them survived. On all of them, the bright yellow of the left arm was now covered by the blood of all the wounded PDF troopers they grabbed and sent for evacuation. There was also the blood of many Battle Brothers that fell under the mass of cultists.

Since then, all the Space Marines from the Ordo Ignis Chapter bear a left read arm to remember all those PDF troopers that gave there life to help in the evacuation of Brysmae VIII’s larges city. And the also painted there back pack in memory of all the Battle Brothers that fell during that massacre.

Combat Doctrine
The Ordo Ignis Space Marines use many close-ranged weapons like flamers and melta weapons. They have learned to get close to the enemy and use those devastating weapons.

They also use stealth to get as close as possible to the enemy. Now, many scholars wonder how this is possible for a Chapter that has a yellow armour. The answer is found in the way they hunt the Stealthy Nightmare. Studies on that beast revealed that it sees like a human, so it sees colours. When a Scout is sent hunting one, he wears the chapter colour which is yellow. So, the Scout must rely on his skills at moving from one cover spot to another one without being seen. That often leads the Scout on a long walk since he’s trying to use cover to his advantage. So, a Scout is often gone for a while when he has to hunt a Stealthy Nightmare so he learn how to rely on himself and especially rely on patience when it comes to hunt a stealthy beast, and on top of that, the beast must live after the Scout took one of its claws. So, the Space Marines of the Ordo Ignis use that when at war. They use cover to hide their colour when they advance, even if it takes longer to get to the enemy.

Also, some squads have been seen wearing a modified helmets that allow a better night vision. This helmet his mainly seen in Devastator squads and in fire support Tactical squads. Some Veteran squads have been seen wearing that type of helmet too.

The Ordo Ignis homeworld makes it hard for the Chapter to train with Land Speeders and Bikes. The dense jungles are quite dangerous when it comes to traveling at high speed in them. The Ordo Ignis relies more on Assault Squads when it comes to have a fast hitting unit, although some Land Speeder and bike squadrons are being use sometimes.

The Ordo Ignis Chapter follow the Codex Astartes with some minor changes. The Chapter has only 8 companies and each companies is made out of 12 squads, except for the Scout Company that has 10 squads.

1st Company
Composed of 11 squads of Veterans

There is also the Master of Chaplains, Chief Apothecary, Chapter Standard Bearer.

Support : Dreadnoughts, Rhinos, Razorbacks, Land Raiders, and Terminator Armour.

Battle Companies - 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th
Each company is composed of :
6 Tactical Squads
2 Assault Squads
3 Devastator Squads

Support : Dreadnoughts, Rhinos, Razorbacks, Land Speeders (and variants), Bikes and Attack Bikes

Reseve Companies - 6th, 7th and 8th
6th Company is composed of :
7 Tactical Squads
4 Devastator Squads

Support : Dreadnoughts, Rhinos, Razorbacks

7th Company is composed of :
4 Tactical Squads
7 Devastator Squads

Support : Dreadnoughts, Rhinos, Razorbacks

8th Company or Scout Company is composed of :
10 Scout Squads

Support : Bikes

Maintained by Techmarines and Servitors
Predators, Vindicators, Whirlwinds, Rhinos, Razorbacks, and Land Raiders

Composed of : Chief Librarian, Epistolaries, Codiciers, and Lexicaniums.

Both the Armoury and the Librarius come under the Headquarters Staff, along with the Chapter Master and the First Company.

Colours and markings

Armour : Yellow, with left arm blood red. Black backpack. The helmet lenses are green. Black chest eagles, helmet tubing and skulls are silver. All belt buckles have the =][= shape.

Logo : ++ IN PROGRESS ++

Squad markings :
As Codex Astartes.

Company markings

1st Co: Yellow stripe on helmet, only visible on the Sergeant helmet
2nd Co: Green stripe on helmet
3rd Co: Red stripe on helmet, not visible on the Sergeant helmet
4th Co: Blue stripe on helmet
5th Co: Black stripe on helmet
6th Co: Grey stripe on helmet
7th Co: Orange stripe on helmet
8th Co: White stripe on helmet (when using helmets)


Commander : Same as regular Ordo Ignis Space Marine.
Librarian : Same as regular Ordo Ignis Space Marine, blue tabard
Chaplain : Black armour and right shoulder pad, yellow left shoulder pad, bone helmet.
Standard Bearer : Same as regular Ordo Ignis Space Marine.
Company Champion : Same as regular Ordo Ignis Space Marine.
Apothecary : Same as regular Ordo Ignis Space Marine except for the reductor being white.
Veteran Space Marine Same as regular Ordo Ignis Space Marine with black laurels on the helmet.
Veteran Sergeant Same as regular Ordo Ignis Space Marine, with black laurels on a red helmet.
Sergeant Same as regular Ordo Ignis Space Marine, with red helmet.
Techmarine : Same as regular Ordo Ignis Space Marine, except for right shoulder pad red with silver trim.

The gene-seed used by the Ordo Ignis seems to be stable and uncorrupted. Its origins are unknown. Rumours lead toward the gene-seed of the Salamanders but the information has been classified by the Ordo Xenos and only people with key to unlock Vermillion Level classified information know the real origin of the gene-seed of the Ordo Ignis.

We are the Emperor’s purifying fire!

Cheers and sorry if you are disapointed but es la vida!

Ordo Ignis
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Default Re: Thu'Ook goes DIY! Bye Bye Never Despair trait! WARNING : LONG!!!

Very cool and well thought out!
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Default Re: Thu'Ook goes DIY! Bye Bye Never Despair trait! WARNING : LONG!!!

That must have taken a while.....
Anyway good job!
Also, I can really see the connection to the salamaders chapter
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Default Re: Thu'Ook goes DIY! Bye Bye Never Despair trait! WARNING : LONG!!!

Thanks for the comments lads! It's appreciated!

Davydudeman, it took me about 2 days to write that and many nights thinking about ideas and schemes.


Ordo Ignis
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