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Old 20 Oct 2005, 23:16   #1 (permalink)
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Default smurfs:1502

well this is my..(possibly :-\)7Th attempt to make a list that i like.(yes 7Th to many problems with the points and some where to points loaded).Here it goes..

Iron Halo
Artificer armour
termi honors
storm bolter
frag grenades
* 166Pt's

Tac squad1(8 men)
bolt pistol
termi honors(sarge)
power fist
heavy bolter
plasma gun

Tac squad 2 (10men)
cc weapon
bolt pistol
missile launcher
plasma gun

Tac squad 3 (10 men)
cc weapn
bolt pistol
missile launcher

assault squad(5 men)
cc weapons(5x)
bolt pistol(4x)
plasma pistol
melta bombs

devastator squad(6 men)
missile launcher(3x)
twin linked heavy bolters
extra armour
smoke launchers

assault cannon
heavy flamer
extra armour
smoke launchers

Predator annihilator
twin linked lascannon
lascannon sponsons
extra armour

Preadator destructor
auto cannon
heavy bolter sponsons
extra armour

Typhoon landspeeder
multiple missile launcher
heavy bolter

Grand total : 1502
I'm going to explain some give aways that i know will be mentioned.1)The flamer and missile launcher I will change later I'll buy the assault weapons blisiter.(bfm marines).2)Assault squad extra men i know but I plan to soon I want to experiment a bit before I take the normal advice people say(beef'em up, I know).

C&C are welcomed,I personly think this is my best list so far,places i need to tweak on if you find any please post.
In advance I say thank you for you help.
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Old 21 Oct 2005, 02:28   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: smurfs:1502

Lets see, with the first tactical squad the sergeant won't need Terminator Honours or the Power Fist, as the squad will stay fairly static and far away from the enemy.

The Assault squad doesn't need the meltabombs, especially since you have a Devestator squand and a Predator Annihilator.

Typhoon Land Speeders, IMO, are not really worth their points, especially when you only have one choice. The Typhoon Launcher is not very effective as an anti infantry weapon, with only an AP of 5 and one shot. Although it does have a blast, smart players will spread out their squads to minimize the amount affected. I would replace this LS with the Tornado with an Assault Cannon, that way you would be able to take out all kinds of infantry, along with light tanks.
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Default Re: smurfs:1502

thanks for the reply.I'll see what i can do with it later on(It'll have to stay for now till i get time with the rest of my stuff to see what i can do).

Thanks again
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Default Re: smurfs:1502

My only bit of advice is that a 5 man assault squad is way too small. They get killed way to fast. Stick 7 or more in a squad, preferably 10 if you really want to do well with them.
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Default Re: smurfs:1502

Originally Posted by Mr.Spock411
My only bit of advice is that a 5 man assault squad is way too small. They get killed way to fast. Stick 7 or more in a squad, preferably 10 if you really want to do well with them.
He's right, either try to bulk it up a bit or drop them all together, I've never really been a fan of assault marines personally, but maybe that's because I've never seen them used well.

I'd recommend using the Land Speeder Tornado with heavy bolter and assault cannon, this is very effective at killing infantry and also getting round to rear and side armour of vehicles and disposing of them.

I'd recommend dropping the predator destructor, with the extra points you can boost the numbers in the assault squad if you decide to keep them, you can up the other Tactical squad to 10 men and you might even be able to (IMO) improve your chapter master. For just another 19pts he could have terminator armour, adamantine mantle, pair of lightning claws (1 master-crafted) and bionics.
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Old 21 Oct 2005, 13:41   #6 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: smurfs:1502

hmmmm I see a few flaws here and there. OK that assault squad. Drop them or beef them up to a 10 man team(melta bombs are your friends). The way you seem to play is heavy firepower. Thought give power weps to all your sargent get that jump troops up to ten men and power weapon that seargent, then you'd have a pretty balanced force. as for those two predators, use one or the other. dump one to make the upgades. You won't need both. Take one or the other based on what your fighting.

As for you not wanting to get the extra men for the assaukt squad then your assault squad is next to useless. Against heavy shooting armies I'll loose at least 6-8 jump troops to fire before getting them somewhere where they can do some good.

Against elite assault armies they won't last more than a turn.

Against horde armies they will be dragged down very fast.
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Old 21 Oct 2005, 18:03   #7 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: smurfs:1502

I would agree with most of the other suggestions made. I have a coupel comments about your Master. Since you're not using a jump pack, you can save on points by getting rid of the Termi Honors and Artificer Armour and just getting Terminator Armour. Same effect essentially. Most players don't bother with Artificer Armor for CC HQ's, since there usually is some model with a power-weapon / fist in an enemy unit, making it useless.

I'd take out the pfist from that Tac squad and give it to the Assautl squad sargeant, otherwise your assualt unit won't pack much of a punch, especially at only 5 models.

You might consider dropping one of the predators and getting a rhino or 2 for the TAC squads. Even if you don't use them to transport the TAC they're always useful as rolling cover for your footslogging troops to help them get into range.

And I would definately switch that LS Typhoon with a Tornado, it's just so much better and versatile.

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Default Re: smurfs:1502

Thanks everyone I will consider some things concerning my assault squad,my predator,and my Tac squads. My Hq I will try with some suggestions to see if I like him from what I had before(I'm used to him alot,helped me win a 750pt battle and others before, sad to see him go).

Well thanks everyone again,and like I said I will consider some things.
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