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13th Company
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Default 13th Company

I've searched the forum for 13th company lists, tactics or players and I've found very little. So here is my own thread.

Anyone who plays 13th company out there, what are some of your common HQ setups? 1500 point armies? 2000 point armies? I'm all ears. I'm very new to marines in general, and even newer to space wolves or their variants. I'm thinking of specifically developing a 13th company army. They seem less like invincible supermen than their parent codex.

Originally Posted by Brother Edwin
Also note I have 6 lord level HQ's leading 10 scouts.
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Default Re: 13th Company

ok, a basic run-down on what i think is worth-while...long fangs are almost crucial. they aren't massively survivable, tho, so i recommend 2 smaller squads over one larger one (2 squads of 3, each with 2 missile launchers. cheap, effective, twice as survivable)

wulfen: absolutely brutal, against power armou or non-power armour. their heavily boosted stats really make a difference in close combat (famous last words against these guys: well, i wasn't expecting THAT. expect to hear those words a lot ), despite their lack of power weapons. tho if you take them, i'd really recommend a wolf priest, ideally with herbs and balms

don't go overboard with mark of the wulfen. it really does eat up a lot of point. i'd resitrict it to things like storm claws and characters

grey slayers: don't get too few of these guys, but don't load yourself up on 'em either. its a fine balance

fenrisian wolves: IMO not all that great, unless you're running a biker-heavy army

as for the list i use:

wolf lord, MotW, frost blade, bolt pistol, wolf pelt
wolf priest, pelt

8 claws including leader with MotW, pelt, lightning claws, 2 power fists

8 slayers including leader with fist, 2 plasma guns

8 slayers including leader with fist, 2 meltaguns

12 wolfen

4 long fangs, 3 heavy bolters

4 long fangs, 3 missile launchers

that's approximately it...its slightly different, i can't remember it off the top of my head item for item, like i can my regular wolves list, but that list there is pretty damn solid and powerful
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Default Re: 13th Company

Originally Posted by ShadowDeth
Anyone who plays 13th company out there, what are some of your common HQ setups?
Well, your first HQ choice has to be the Wolf Lord. I think the best basic load out for a Wolf Lord is the Belt of Russ, Mark of the Wulfen and either two Lightning Claws or a Frost Blade and bolt pistol. If you have some extra points you could think about some of the other wolfy wargear, but you can't go wrong with just that. Another popular Wolf Lord set up is to give him a Bike, and let him join a squad of Storm Claw Bikers.

At 1500 points you would need a second HQ, and the choice between the Wolf Priest and Rune Priest depends on the composition of your army. If you are using a large unit of Wulfen as one of your primarily close combat units, the Wolf Priest (with his ability to control them) is a very good choice. He is expensive enough, and comes with both an invulnerable save and power weapon so keep him simple. I seldom give him anything except Healing Potions and Balms.

If you are not using Wulfen (or if only a small pack) then the Rune Priest may be a better choice. His Gate ability can add important mobility to the vehicle-less 13th Company army. One of the most common tricks with him is to Gate a unit with multiple meltaguns around behind an opponent's tanks. For the Rune Priest, I like to give him Terminator Armor (for the invulnerable save) and then I often give him a power weapon and a combi-weapon. A combi-melta is nice if you are Gating a Grey Slayers pack with meltas for an extra shot, or if you want to Gate a squad of Storm Claws the combi-flamer is nice to soften up the opposing squad before the SC's assault them.

Hope that helps! 8)
Shas'o Mike
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