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The Iron Reapers 2nd company(750pts)
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Default The Iron Reapers 2nd company(750pts)

After playing a good amount of games with my tau force (500pts), I couldnt really get the feel of tau. I did pretty well, but the army didnt want me to push foward and collect more(for fluff and painting reasons). I already planned on having two armies. a combat patrol force and standard army.

Captain Tyrael - Power weapon, bolt pistol, combat shield, frag grendades
Command Squad- The Reapers Own-(5) bolt pistols and close combat weapons, all with terminator honors.
Dreadnought Militis (of the soldier)- Assault Cannon, Dreadnought ccw,Storm bolter, Extra armor, Smoke launchers,
Tactical Squad Industria ( the diligent)- bolters, Plasma gun, missile launcher
Tactical Squad Hastae (of the Spear)- bloters ,plasma gun and missile launcher
Tactical Squad Ferri ( of the Sword)- Bolters, plasma gun, missile launcher


I am mainly going to be fighting nurgle, here is what he has ( i am getting his offical list hopefully tomarrow)
-14 plague marines (2 troops)
-cc dreadnought
-Defiler with indirect fire.
the only thing i really am afraid of, is the defiler.
"Rise from the ground and Grab your weapons! We fight to death against these beasts! We are the Iron Reapers and As long as we stand they will fall." Captain Tyrael rallying the 2nd company after Chaos Ordance barrage at the Battle of Timat
Tau Combat Patrol 400pts
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