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Just a question?
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Default Just a question?

okay, I was playing doubles with my brother (who plays Eldar) and we went against a space marine player (big surprise there), he had a space marine tank, not sure what it was called, but it had a demolisher cannon S:10 Ap:2/large blast ya... I think that's what it was. So he gets within his 24 inch range and decideds he is gonna shoot at the wave serpent... but he says that for his tank or maybe it was the weapon... that he doesn't have to roll to hit that it hits automaticly it still scatters but... No rolling to hit? Can he actually do this? or is he cheating? Sorry I couldn't remember the name of the tank. But if you guys could answer that question that would be really nice, Thanks
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Default Re: Just a question?

Sounds like a Demolisher.*

When dealing with Ordance of any type anything under the template is hit, rolling the scatter basicly takes the place of rolling to hit. When dealing with vehicles it's a little diffrnet but not much.* If the hole in the center goes off the edge of the vehicle you resolve the hit at half strength on that armour facings.* So long as the hole in the middle is still over the vehicle, it hit's at full strength.* You then have to roll to see if it pentrates or not and on the penetration tables.* Also if the firing vehicle moves the scatter is two dice instead of one.
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Default Re: Just a question?

Actually it would be a vindicator, demolisher is the imp guard leman russ varient.

Also remember ordance rolls 2d6 pick the highest for armor pen.
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