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First match played!
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Default First match played!

Finally had the chance to play out a small match this morning and it went a whole lot better than I had expected. While in looking at paints and messing around high lighting models a youngman came in with a small Tau army looking for a match. It seems we were both relatively new to the game so we hashed out a few ground rules and came to an agreement on army size...

Scenerio: Combat Patrol ( I know, not exactly a glorious first mission but it's a start )
Army Size: 400 points +/- 5 ( I wanted to see how a command unit worked for me but was a little over so he added a piece
of wargear )
Landscape: Ruined City

SM Force Comp: 2 six man marine squads each with a single missile launcher (squad A + B), 1 six man squad with a flamer, frags, and CC Sgt,
Chaplain w. Crozius, bolt pistol, term honors, frags

Tau Force Comp: 4 ten man Fire warrior squads, unsure of exact gear, each unit was able to make pinning attempts, one
had hand grenades

After seeing everything he was able to field I honestly didn't expect to hold up very well, and started to think a 4th marine
squad would have been better than the Chaplain.

Turn 1: I advanced my Chap along with the flamer squad along the left side of the board while sticking to cover, moved missile squad B into a building that provided a bit of cover fire for both the chap and missile team A, during the firing phase I got lucky on LOS and pop'd one of his squads with a missile causing two casualties. Took no casualties of my own that turn simply because he had fallen just a tad short on range.

Turn 2: The Chaplain and flamer squad continued to advance farther up the edge of the board, I made the mistake of leaving Missile team A out in the open with the idea of being able to fire another round, Missile team B held its ground in the ruins simply because I hoped to deny him manuevering room by covering a side street. He rearranged his squads a bit forming a wedge and staying out of Missile team B's LOS. During the firing phase I caused another 2 casualties with missile
team A, in responce his two FW squads lit them up causing 3 casualties.

Turn 3: Unfortunately my Chaplain and CC squad were still too far away to do much more than aggrivate his right flank, so I did my best to move in a bit closer while staying behind cover, Missile squad A luckily made it's morale check but I decided it was time to move them out of sight, Team B moved across the street into a crater sense Team A was in fairly good position to take over there position. My opponent consolidated his army a bit and moved them in a bit closer together, we exchanged a bit of fire between the Chaplain / CC squad and one of his FW squads but the dice gods laughed at us as we both missed horribly

Turn 4: The Chaplain was finally close enough to come to grips with his foe so I moved him out of cover and got him into position to assault while making sure I gave enough room for my CC squad to open up on the Tau. Missile teams A and B both hunkered down. Both of the FW squads nearest my Chaplain moved prudently into a low chunk of ruins unfortunately one of them fell a far cry short on his terrain roll while the other only just barely made it in. At this point I really wish my CC team had 2 flamers but as it stood... one was plenty > his bad rolls and massed troops made for good eatting as the Flamer scoured 6 heritics from the map (5 from 1 squad) The Chaplain managed to mop up the last of the squad in melee. The second FW squad managed to wound and pin the Chaplain...

We stopped at that point sense the match took a little longer than either of us would have liked (both of us being new to the units we were leading). If we had taken the time to count up points I think it would have been a draw sense he nearly wiped out one of my missile teams and wounded the Chaplain while I managed to destroy a full squad and wound two others. But with one more turn both of us saw that second FW squad being finished off...

In closing it was allot of fun and I got a glimpse at how little I actually know about the game and army usage. I plan on keeping the missile launcher squads because I know the instant I pull them some yahoo is gonna drop armour on my head, besides that I like the range just not fond of the lack of movement. Any thoughts on what I actually should have done, I know the scenerio I drew out isnt perfect and without actually seeing the board it's hard to offer up advice but I wouldn't mind feedback of any type.
Also, after the game, find his mini case and dump the contents into a grinder/shredder and then put what's left into a shaker. It goes great on pasta, pizza, nachos, etc., just like all other forms of cheese. - xShaperx
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Default Re: First match played!

Nice little report! Sounds like you're no stranger to wargaming in general from your battle...

One piece of advice though - your Marines didn't need cover. Against Tau Fire Warriors (or any unit without AP3 weaponry) cover will make no difference - you will always get your 3+ save regardless. You can't have both armour and cover saves. So next time, if you opponant has no AP3 or better weaponry, just ignore cover and pick the best firing/assaulting spots.

The same applies to the Tau, since you had no AP4 weaponry to negate their saves, though cover is also useful for if you're assaulted - something Tau seriously dislike!

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