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All Infantry SM
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Default All Infantry SM


I am thinking of doing an all-infantry SM force (or at least only lihjt weapons allowed), I'm kind of inspired by the Ulthwe Strike Force idea, and the idea of Light Infantry. Has anyone tried this? Also, I was wondering what the only "Light" weapons that would be used. I guess Bikes, Terminators and maybe LandSpeeders and Dreadnoughts would be about it.

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Default Re: All Infantry SM

I'm not sure what's "light" about termies or dreads, but other than that it should be doable. You might want to try Traits out, specifically Cleanse and Purify to let you take a precious additional assault weapon in your infantry squads.

Also, consider Infiltration or Drop Pods so you can get to your enemies more quickly, as you'll be opperating without fire support.
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Default Re: All Infantry SM

I took just such a list to a grand tournament, before the new marine codex was legal, but after 4th edition...and left with a 1-4 record. my 4-lascannon devastators killed one vehicle the entire tournament, and were assaulted in 3 of my 4 losses (the other one was speed freaks, where they weren't a factor anyway). Without vehicles, you have to rely mainly on devastators, cyclones, and bike-mounted multimeltas (I had all three!) to kill tanks...and it doesn't work too well. The single multimelta tended to miss, the cyclone/lightning claw deathwing squad was in combat too often to fire many missiles (those tended not to penetrate anyway), and the 4 lascannons in the devastator squad had line of sight issues or got charged too early.

Bottom line, if you go this route, try something else for vehicle destruction, like powerfists or meltabombs. Attack bikes get one turn of shooting before they die, devastators are vulnerable to being charged (especially by those pesky space wolf scouts!) and are easy to hide from (no rooftops in the tournament!), and terminators cost too much and have better things to do. Best thing really, is twinlinked lascannons plus a missile launcher on a tank hunting venerable dreadnaught lurking in your deployment zone. That's effectively a twinlinked strength 10 weapon and a stength 9 weapon on an AV 12 vehicle that rerolls damage tables. Or a predator with maxed out lascannons, extra armor, and power of the machine spirit...but both of those are vehicles.
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