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Night Angels Critisism and Comments Welcome
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Default Night Angels Critisism and Comments Welcome

Im still trying to get a Space Marine army going but with so many options in front of me its hard to find a place to start. So I decided to decide what I wanted with my army first before I start buying things.

I noticed that I had a great contempt for leaving tactical squads in the back to fire away with rocket launchers so I decided devastators and static squads would not be good. Im not that big a fan of close combat but I do like it. I was thinking of doing a highly mobile and fast army to get up close very fast, I like close up firefights and engagements, getting to grips with the enemy as fast as possible. So what I figured that rhinos and razorbacks would be a good idea, predators for heavy support and assualt marines and landspeeders for fast attack. At high points value I was thinking to add a squad of terminators and a Land Raider.

So roughly:

Command Squad, mounted in a razorback

5 man Terminators
5 man Veteran squad in razorback

x3 10 man tactical squads each moounted in a rhino

10 man Assault Squad
Land Speeder

Predator, twin lascannon, heavy bolters (so I can fire on the move)
Predator, same as above
Land Raider

Is this a relatively good army to work with?

In short my army is the Night Angels. The chapter has no known origin. 1000 years ago the chapter was forced into an exodus from their homeworld by an ork invasion that despite their best efforts they could not stop. To their terrible luck they went from bad to worse and ended up in the grips of a chaos force. The fighting was savage and brutal, lasting several years as the battle raged across space, the two fleets engaged in a running combat. The Night Angels were begining to gain the upper hand when catastrophy struck. A lucky chaos assault damaged their flag ships engines, unable to run and unable to turn to engage the enemy the ship detonated under the incredible fire from the chaos fleet. With their greatest ship destroyed the Night Angels had no way to oppose their foe and made a dead run into the warp. Only a single company ship made it to safety. The Sword Bearer, the fastest ship in the chapters fleet that carried most of their sacred relics.

Slowly over the next 1000 years the chapter rebuilt itself and is now nearing full strength again. However the chapters history was lost with the librarium on their flag ship. Without a home or history the Night Angels decided to start again. Establishing a new world on the eastern rim, they began the task of setting up a new.

What I cannot decide is what to do with my commander. I always use my commander on the front to lead my armies so I need an outfit that is very tough and has the capability to take down whatever he faces. So an invulnerable save, and strength enough to down armor 14. But how to do this?

I was thinking a Force Commander with power fist and storm bolter, an iron halo and artificer armor and terminator honors. Would this work? Or would a terminator commander work better? I was also thinking of adding a command squad to him and mount them all in a razorback. Would this be an effective HQ?


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Default Re: Night Angels Critisism and Comments Welcome

I'd g woth the Termie HQ choice, and moutnt hem in the LR instead. Keeps him mobile, but lets him remian tough.

Overall, a very fast-moving army. I'd like to see how it fares against something with heavy tendencies, like an armored IG army.
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