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Devestators - Size & Infiltrate or Rhino?
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Default Devestators - Size & Infiltrate or Rhino?

Firstly, I'll give you a rundown of my army: The Tactical Squads infiltrate using SBDBS, and are very assaulty (5 with BP/CCW, Sarge and 1 Meltagun). I have almost no (if any) tanks, and I'm planning on relying mainly on two Dev Squads for heavy weapon support. Their current layout is as follows: (Note that they all cost 18 points base for Infiltration)

Sarge (BP, Pwep)
2 Heavy Bolters
2 Plasma Cannons
2 Marines

Sarge (BP, Pwep)
2 Lascannons
2 Missile Launchers
2 Marines

Very unconvential to be sure, my questions is as follows: Should I rely on Infiltration to get close enough to wreak havoc, or should I give them Rhinos for a more mobile firebase but partially loose the hallmark infantry-base of my army (not to mention my "only marine player I know to never paint a Rhino chassi" vow)?

Also, should I expand them to a full 10-man compliment, or rely on the ability to loose a "vanilla" marine and one heavy weapon and still have a functional gun of that type?
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Default Re: Devestators - Size & Infiltrate or Rhino?

I've never painted a rhino chassi....

I say you should use infiltrate. It will save you money and you probably will never need to move them very far once they are in position. I like your configuration for the weapons except for the missile launchers, which in my opinion (which doesn't count for very much, as I'm a newbie to WH40k) are completely useless. I think you should switch them out for 2 more heavy bolters.
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Default Re: Devestators - Size & Infiltrate or Rhino?

I'd go with maxed out squads with infiltration intead of the Rhino. That way you'd be able to set up outside you deployment zone and seriously put pressure on your opponent, since you'd be covering a lot of fire lanes with two squads.
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Default Re: Devestators - Size & Infiltrate or Rhino?

Ditto. Infiltration over the Rhino. If your taking Dev squads you want them moving as little as possible. Besides, with them infiltrating you should be able to pick the best spots after they set up.
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Default Re: Devestators - Size & Infiltrate or Rhino?

Thank you everyone for the tips - I'll be able to justify getting a Tac Squad to fill them out now, as well. The only problem now will be points, something like 400+ for the two units...
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Default Re: Devestators - Size & Infiltrate or Rhino?

Of course it's 400+ points for two full devastator squads! That's a lot of firepower. Also, maxing out the squads is a good idea, as they'll do better in assault, and you'll have 6 "meat shields" that can die before the heavy weapons start falling off. Oh, but if you infiltrate, be sure to give the sergeant a powerfist and terminator honors, with them moving close to the enemy, he'll have no trouble charging them!

Heavy bolters and plasma cannons are a bad mix. The only thing they have in common is a 36" range. Heavy bolters don't have the AP to deal with the heavy infantry that Plasma cannons were designed for, and plasma cannons are wasted points with fewer shotsl for the medium-light infantry that heavy bolters excell against. Against Tau, you'd have 6 S5 shots and 2 S7 shots (and some partials), with no saves allowed, when you could have 12 S5 shots with no saves allowed. Against terminators, you have 2 shots (and some partials) with no saves allowed and 12 shots that allow a 2+ save, when you could have 4 shots (and more partials)with no save allowed. These two weapons were intended for very different targets. By mixing them, you reduce the squad to mediocrity regardless of the target.

Don't take the advice about the missile launcher vs. heavy bolter, for similar reasons. Heavy bolters and lascannons are on opposite ends of the spectrum!

Mixing lascannons and missile launchers is acceptable, assuming you do it to save points on an anti-tank devastator squad. Frag missiles and lascannons are a waste! If you're thinking of firing frags, don't spend extra points on lascannons, take pure ML for 4 templates! If you are purely targeting tanks and monstrous creatures, and have the points, go with pure lascannon goodness.

If you are infiltrating your devastators, the multimelta becomes a viable option. 24" range AP1 S8? At infiltration ranges, this is better than the missile launcher, due to the AP1 and the 24" of additional range not being needed. It penetrates on a 6 instead of glancing on a 6, and it denies 2+ armor saves! Since you can infiltrate within 18" of the enemy in plain view, that 24" range is plenty. Of course, should the enemy be foolish enough to move a vehicle within 12" of you...well, that's too bad, isn't it? >
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Default Re: Devestators - Size & Infiltrate or Rhino?

Infiltrating doesn't mean you have to move closer to the enemy and probably ins't something you want to do(unless your wanting to use multi-meltas).* It can be used just to set up a heavy support after everything else is set up.* Considering that heavy support is suppose to be placed first this can be a big tactical advantage as you can place them where they are likely to do the most good.

Other than that, I agree that it's more effective to take Devastator squads with all the same type of weapon.
Plan your choice as to weapon accordingly though I strongly suggest one of heavy bolters and one of missile launchers if your looking to be flexable. All LAscannons in my opinion are the worst choice unless your expecting alot of enemy armour and even then the missile launchers usually can handle it unless it's armour fourteen facings your dealing with.
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