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13th co. 1500 pointer
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Default 13th co. 1500 pointer

I am strongly tempted to do a hard as nails close combat army. as i have some of the models painted up, i figured i might resurrect my space wolves - specifically, the 13th company.

Wolf Lord w/ frost blade, bike, wolf tooth necklace . 140
Rune Priest w/ frost blade, wolf tooth necklace bolt pistol 111

8 storm claws + 2 power fists 198

8 grey slayers + 2 meltaguns
pack leader + powerfist 213

8 grey slayers + 2 meltaguns
pack leader + powerfist 213

7 grey slayers + 2 meltaguns
pack leader + power weapon

5 storm claw bikers
2 power fists 210

5 storm claw bikers
2 meltaguns
pack leader + power fist 225

in a nutshell, my grey slayers keep mobile the whole time, hopefully getting into cc at some stage.
meltabikers exist to move fast and hit armour
fist bikers ride with wolf lord and hit things hard with lots of power fist attacks.
rune priest + stormclaws act as a counter attack, or run alongside the slayers. and they can gate around the place. EDIT. im tempted to give him a psychic hood and drop a storm claw to pay for it...

In a nutshell, the list is biker, and troop heavy. I was tempted to stick in some long fangs, but i dont think they really fit in with the 13th co style of running fast and hitting things.

Opinions, please?

And can anybody give a rough guide to what works with regular space wolves now in 4th edition, as i am seriously tempted to resurrect them. Yes veq, i know i said i'd never buy into space wolves. But i am getting too limited with my tau lately....
think with regualr space wolves id go with a similar style. lots bikers. grey hunters in razorbacks, or drop pods. back it up with a tank or two. and scouts. ;D
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Default Re: 13th co. 1500 pointer

only thing i can really comment on is the lack of long fangs, which you've said you don't want...which i tend to think are somewhat important, but you might possibly be able to get away without

however, i'd probably want a BoR for the wolf lord and 2 meltaguns for the first squad of bikers...and the runic staff idea is good (no such thing as a psychic hood for wolves)

and wolves haven't really changed that much from 3rd to 4th...at least, not in play style. they've just got trickier to play
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Default Re: 13th co. 1500 pointer

REmeber that 13th co Longfangs can take assault weapons... flamers and melta guns

personally i take a unit with 4 melta guns and use the runepriest to take em tank popping! and with the sergent helping to divide fire you can do 2 tanks a turn
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