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cheesy terminators
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Old 08 Oct 2005, 21:05   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default cheesy terminators

does'nt it seem that terminators are just a cheesy excuse to raise the price of terminators by $20!!!!! i mean i was just fine with the old terminators. you can buy 5 metal terminators for $50 and you can buy 5 plastic terminators for $50. does that make sense!!??!??!? NO or course not! i think GW just made the new terminators just so they could have a cheap( or expensive) excuse to raise the price $20!
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Default Re: cheesy terminators

What are you talking about, honestly? You say that 5 metal termies and 5 plastics both cost $50, and then go on to say that they raised the price $20 while the cost is the same by your admission.

And besides, your math is way off - 5 Plastic terminators (including teleport homer, and options for special weaponry) costs CA $55, while buying 5 Metal terminators, with no extras, costs $80.
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Default Re: cheesy terminators

I believe he means the old boxed set, which, to my memory, was 35$. I like the plastic though, even though I have metal.
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Default Re: cheesy terminators

first off, how is this cheesy?

and second, the old terminators were $50 in their time....well. here in edmonton alberta any way. they lowered the price with the coming of the new terminators to get rid of old stock, and sadly, i couldn't get in on the savings.

Third, GW made the new terminators because there was rather large consumer demand for plastic, more articulate (posable) termiators that were to scale. previously they were the same size as a space marine, when in fluff, they stood 10ft tall, whereas a space marine stood 7.

fourth...they raised the price? far as i knew it was the same. unless you wer buying grey knight terminators then of course you would be paying an extra $20.... who just happen to be made of metal.

and last but not least... the little interesting fact that makes no sense what so ever. It costs more to produce molds for plastic models then to produce the molds for the pewter models. The plastic molds are made of steel and need to be replaced every couple of years, while the molds for the pewter modles are made of rubber and can be reused for as long as the rubber holds up. interesting how pewter models cost more when they are the ones that are cheaper to make.

so yeah, hope that clears things up a bit

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Default Re: cheesy terminators

I think he meant that the plastic box should only coste $30 and the pewter costed $50, so GW raised the price $20 for the plastic so now its 50. Of course I could have missed something.

Pewter is a more expencive material but the mold is cheaper, where as plastic is very cheap but the mold more expencive. In the end plastic comes out cheaper and metal comes out to be more expencive. Also perhaps the steel mold can be used faster, where the metal mold takes a longer time to make one model. Therefore the steel mold produces more product than the rubber.

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Default Re: cheesy terminators

Doesn't metal cost more to ship, as it weighs more?
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Default Re: cheesy terminators

The price of things have a lot of factors that come into play, such as the ones mentioned about (shipping, creation, etc.)

There's also the theory that GW is trying to make up for the lackluster sales of the LotR game. While I speculate about the veracity of it, it is a theory I've heard many times. There's also the new box art, the new molds came from sculptors who need to be paid, the 'Eavy Metal team that paints them pretty so they are drool-worthy in WD, etc.

Overall, there's a lot that goes into making minis, and we're probably not taking it all into account.
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Default Re: cheesy terminators

Originally Posted by Feeple
the 'Eavy Metal team that paints them pretty so they are drool-worthy in WD,
have you seriously looked at what they earn???

basically nothing...
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