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Attack bike bases?
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Attack bike bases?

I've been buying attack bikes on ebay and stripping and repainting them for a week or so now, and a thought occured to me, do they need to be on a base and if so what one? I know the normal marine bike uses a rectangular base but what about the attack bikes with there side car?

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Default Re: Attack bike bases?

GW always do this. They always go on about bases, but alot of their models don't come with one!

Try glueing a pair of rectangle bike bases together.

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Default Re: Attack bike bases?

More a case that alot of the older vehicle kits didn't have one. Your suppose to use the area the edges of the vehicle as the edges of the base so to speak. That's true for most vehicles save walkers. I'm sure you noticed that the bikes can stand ont hier own without a base. This is becasue they really aren't ment to have a base other than thier normal edges. the base in this case just makes it easier for posing it in a dynamic fashion.
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Default Re: Attack bike bases?

mine're on sentinel bases.
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Default Re: Attack bike bases?

I've only got 3 bikes since i don't actually collect SMurfs, but i use all my for dioramas. Got one jumping of a ramp and ploughing through heretics and one impaled into the side of a Chaos Landraider. Sold them one eBay.
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